Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Over 60s 'shouldn’t walk and talk while crossing the road’

As if ...

Be sure to read the comments ... the first one is my favourite/favorite. At 65 I'm over-the-hill, outside the box and can't walk and talk at the same time -- good thing I don't chew gum ...


  1. Can anyone get money for this kind or research? As a pensioner I could do with a bit extra :-)

  2. In the U.S. Just about any well-placed professor or graduate student can get a research grant from a private outfit.
    What's sad is that much of the funding for these grants could be better used elsewhere, but it wouldn't then be "tax deductible."

  3. Very funny post! I'm 65 and can't walk and talk at the same time either. I can multi task in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes but it stops there.
    Those are things I can do in the dark.
    What is it when you get to your 60's that we flail around and fall all over ourselves. I've fallen a number of times. What's with that.
    Well thanks for writing this one for me!
    Blessings, Barb in Ohio

  4. G'day. Now I'm really worried. I am not yet 60, let along over it. 59 tomorrow actually and walking and talking at the same time is not in my list of things to do together especially if I am not looking where I'm going because I'm too busy flapping the gums. I can and do multi task at work everyday and at home it's a regular thing, but out and about I could be down right dangerous. Take care...


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