Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shopping Gracefully thump

Yesterday was another great day going into town -- all of three blocks from home -- and meeting my girlfriend, W for a gossip and coffee. I left in time to be able to do a bit of meandering among the shops -- Boots for makeup, Clarks for shoes and Marks and Spencer for everything else. I didn't need anything, just having a look 'round for what's what and how much the future is gonna cost me.

March is always the time of year when I really begin to yearn for summer and light cottons and linens and sandals. I am passionate about sandals. Now that I'm rather more of an old coot than not it is more and more difficult to find my favorite footware appropriate to my aged state. That being no heels higher than an inch and a half (slightly less than 4 cms) and I'd only wear those going out anyway. Now for the past few years I've not been enamoured of wedgies, but this year some of them really appeal to me. And even though I don't have anything in the colour, this season's shade of raspberry makes me drool ... So I could have easily bought 4 pairs of shoes at £50 each ($75) and two handbags one at £80 ($120) and the other £35 ($50) -- so getting on for £400 or $600 and not had anything in particular to wear with said purchases -- but I just looked and drooled my way back to the Southport pedestrian way ... Of course as every woman knows once seen and drooled over, never forgotten -- the memory can last for at least the whole season.

So on to Marks and Spencer. I don't know what English women would do without Marks. Where else can you find clothes, accessories, lingery and affordable (more or less) yummy food, sometimes of almost gourmet quality all under one roof. And they even have quite reasonable ads on TV as well -- The Man doesn't  even hit the mute button!! So for the second time this week I walked in and they were having a sale in the center aisle -- a couple of racks with women pouring over them -- I have to say that is when I hate going in because we are not at exactly our most dignified -- just getting close enough to the rack is an ordeal. But I managed it without too much fuss and I found a bargain in my size! And it's Per Una!!! The best label -- yay me! And I kept to my rule of only being tempted by things I've seen in the past and thought 'yes, that is me', 'I like that'. So there it was a summery light cotton black skirt with pretty colored embroidered thingies, a perfect length and ideal cut for me. Reduced from £39.50 to £9.00!!!! The skirt bought and paid for, it was time to meet W and have a coffee.

So we met chatted, I enjoyed my mocha latte, W admired my bargain purchase and time flew by as it always does when you meet a good friend for a coffee and a 'natter' (as British women say). Time up we rose to leave, said 'cheerio' to this one and that. The place we chose is in a shopping arcade and outside the door are tables and chairs to sit outside the cafe if you wish. As we were wending our way past the tables and chairs suddenly my foot began to slide in front of me and whoosh the other foot stayed where it was and down I went into a s-p-l-i-t!!! I kind of slapped my left hand against the floor and more or less slammed my rear end down as well. Boom was me!

Well, at least I wasn't just a klutz -- the heel of my shoe had strayed upon a well-dressed small piece of somebody's salad and had slid out from under me. It had happened so quickly that I'd even managed to maintain a state of 'grace', which is probably an appropriate way to put it considering I could have really done my self an injury, but didn't ... An elderly couple were right by us when it happened and helped me to get up. I think W was in greater shock than I -- just got a text from her checking up on me. I have to say though that the back of my thighs are a bit sore -- but not so that I can't walk -- just enough for the ibuprofen to be useful -- and my ribcage feels a little delicate, but not enough to keep me from standing through the ironing.

And it has not put me off considering which pair of shoes might be just the thing for that new skirt I found at such a bargain price ... Should it be the raspberry pair with the peep toe and wedge or should it be the strappy black wedge? On the other hand gold goes with everything ... Oh and I spied with my little eye a black bathing suit with a gorgeous raspberry  rushed bodice that would be just the thing this year ....


  1. Ouch! I feel for you Broad. Still, you have a really good bargain to comfort you and the prospect of new sandals. Summer's round the corner :-)

  2. Your story proves a point I was trying to make last weekend. Grandma Skip and I were at a reception where they had a buffet. Folks were lining up to fill (overfill) their plates. Several people had lettuce leaves fall on the floor. When it was pointed out their response was to continue on their way and reply, "You can have it," with no concern for the hazard they caused those following behind them.
    Well, maybe not proves, but it sure demonstrates.

  3. G'day. I really like the sound of those raspberry peep toe shoes. Go get them!!! Glad you were not seriously hurt. Take care...

  4. Nothing beats a day of shopping and chatting with girl friends.

  5. Glad you didn't do yourself a's rather a shock, though, isn't it, when you find yourself sliding...
    I've only just recovered the pleasure of mooching round shops looking at pretty things....rural France is so dull from a shopping point of view. I was in San Jose yesterday and it felt as if the scales had dropped from my eyes....pretty things everywhere!


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