Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Tides of March

Last month I posted this about Southport's no sea seaside. But yesterday the sea came all the way in and so here it is:

I hope you can appreciate what a rare event it is for the tide to be this high -- makes Southport people all giddy if they catch it. Considering that cloud cover made it impossible to see the glorious moon the whole Internet has been waxing lyrical about, at least we have some evidence of the result of its being so close to the earth! I know it can't compare to the majesty and splendour of the American West Coast -- but that is an everyday occurance. I mean you just have to turn up -- and there it is!

What it's usually like at Southport Beach. Dry enough in summer for hundreds of cars to park!

Twitchers! Listen carefully and you'll find out what's out there flying around!
Further down the Coastal Road heading towards Blackpool, are marshy grasslands which over the years we have lived here have become a large bird sanctuary which attracts multitudes of 'twitchers'. They were out in force yesterday.

Hundreds of very noisy blackhooded gulls swarming in for a meal

Spring is finally in the air! The cherry tree outside my study window is budding and it's time for planting  the primroses waiting in our outer porchway. And all the young men and women are walking around bare arms and T-shirts -- a phenomonen that amazes me -- it doesn't seem to have anything to do with temperature and everything to do with sunshine! Today it's only 52F (11C) -- too cool for me to be sleeveless! When I go for my walk later I'll probably see sandals -- or at the very least flip-flops. Me sounding like an old fogey? You betcha!


  1. Yes, sunshine does that to most folks. And calendar too. We have spring vacation tourists and they strip down to enjoy our beaches which are never warm enough for any stripping. Have a glorious day.

  2. Wow, high tide at Southport! Even with the spring tide that is unusually high. Growing up in Lancashire, I have vivid memories of day trips to Southport when we didn't catch even a glimpse of the sea, but the beach was great to play on.

  3. As a denizen of the American West Coast I can vouch that we didn't see the much touted Moon, either and the temperatures here pretty much match yours. I've moved far enough inland to actually not take the sea for granted any more and look forward to the occasions when we can spend some time there.

  4. I've lived in California all my life and I must admit that we do have some nice beaches.

    And by the way, there's nothing wrong with being an old fogey :-)


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