Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whistle Down the Void

Remember 'whistling' anybody? I was never very good at it -- my dad was and my siblings were all better than I. Today on BBC Breakfast they had a piece about it. Several men and women of mixed ages were asked if they could whistle a certain happy tune -- and try as they might whatever it was they attempted was unrecognizable. And the majority of them were scathing about whistling as well. One claimed he/she did not whistle because he/she didn't need to because of the earphones in his/her ears! Anyway, just to test out that my ability was at least respectible enough to be recognized I whistled it for The Man and he knew my miserable attempt was ideed, The Colonel Bogie March famous from the movie The Bridge on the River Kwaii.

So, soon there will be no more whistling while we work, no more the whistle of the urban wolf at the passing pulchritude. Pity that ... And I wouldn't be surprised if there were no more father's giving lessons to rapt children on the hows and where-fors of getting a whistle out of a blade of grass either. The title, Whistle Down the Wind, will be meaningless to future generations, who will not have a clue how to pucker up and do any thing other than b-l-o-w w-i-n-d!  Future film buffs will never be able to appreciate the incredible sexuality of Lauren Bacall's steamy invitation to Humphrey Bogart, "If you want anything, just ..." But now whistling is passee ... dead ... a forgotten pasttime ...

Our cultural heritage is being lost... Here we go: Remember this from the Olden Days?

Of course there is also the memory of the many times we were told to stop STOP that infernal whistling -- we were trying so hard to improve our techniques -- to no avail for me. Several years later, I followed this up by telling my boys  to please stop STOP, etc. etc. (Though that was never as bad, nor as amusing momentarily as hearing my youngest boys singing along to the music while wearing their earphones so that all we could hear was the caterwailing. Trouble was they were in the back of the car and the sound was pungent!!)

Just remember, If ever you feel afraid ... all you need to do is ...... remember?


  1. How enchanting! Yes, let's maintain the whistling skill, while we work, while we pray, while we dance away our worries.

  2. How that brought back memories of my father whistling around the house, frequently and very musically. My whistling is recognisable, but not a patch on his.

  3. I think whistling is a long forgotten art. It was popular while I was growing up, especially with my father and even my mum could whistle a tune. My whistle is still there as I have just this minute tried it again and though it's nothing flash,it brought a smile to my face. Take care.

  4. I remember years ago several of the popular singers of the day used to incorporate whistling into their songs. Andy Williams and Perry Como are two that come to mind.


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