Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Postive Outlook

It is very strange to be staying in my Mom's apartment when she is not here! Fortunately, the Geer Village where she lives is very accommodating to families of their residents and very flexible to the needs of those residents when their needs change.

I make the short walk over to the Geer Nursing Home every morning around 11 o'clock. The positive change in my mother each day is so encouraging. It has been quite an eye-opener for me to be this up close to the kind of therapy that patients must endure as they recover from various injuries. When I arrived Tuesday of last week Mom was already less confused than she had been when I'd spoken to her on the phone. My sister had arrived the day before and had found her in the process of being moved to another room, which led to her feeling low and dis -oriented. However, by the time I arrived the next day she had settled down again and though weak and frail was very happy to have two of her girls there with her.

The following day we were thrilled to see her in the Physical Therapy room with two therapists about whom I can not speak highly enough. They soon had her up on her feet and slowly and with support she walked  with small tentataive steps toward my sister, who stood about 10 feet away. And she did it twice! As the days go on her alertness, appetite and strength improve noticeably. But it will be a slow process and we will all need to be patient. One thing we are all certain about is that having her children nearby has been important in lifting her spirits and promoting a positive attitude. Every effort is being made to ensure that she will be able to return to her apartment here. She may need more assistance, but that kind of help is available and it is likely she will be able to remain in the same apartment -- which makes it much easier for members of the family to stay with her.

And aren't I lucky to be in the USA and able to witness the enduring budget crisis? Not to mention the beginning of the next Presidential election cycle? And will Spring ever come to New England? It's sunny today -- maybe that's a start -- to bad it's in the low 30's F! I have until the 21st for Spring to break through here -- it's already doing just fine in the UK. In Southport the trees are blossoming ...

And many thanks for the kind and encouraging comments from my followers. They really mean a lot to me.


  1. So happy to hear things are looking up for your mother.
    Spring seems to be having some difficulty coming around here in the States. It seems like the nastiest and the nicest weather alternate this time of year.

  2. Wonderful news that your mother is doing better. It's so nice to have some good news to balance the budget crisis!

  3. Maybe we skipped Springtime this year? Better luck next year :-)

  4. Glad to hear your mother is receiving such good care and making progress, Broad. It's a shame you've swapped one budget crisis for another and are missing spring here in the UK. Here's hoping it will arrive there before you leave.

  5. I know what you mean. We stayed in my mum's house when she was ill and in hospital and it was a very strange feeling. Suddenly, the home almost didn't seem like our home anymore.

  6. Oh yes, always a good sign when physical therapy does what it is supposed to do. I swear by it, for all the many little things that got me in distress and were relieved by therapy. Good to see you could be around her as well.


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