Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Unpredictable

The past 48 hours have proved once again the life and plans are never predictable. A close family member collapsed Sunday evening interrupting an evening I had planned out with friends. As I have been pretty tied to my mother as well as without a car, I was looking forward to doing something different. My girlfriend picked me up around lunchtime and we had a very pleasant afternoon shopping and going out to lunch in Millerton, New York. Then off to my parents old home in Kent, Connecticut. It was a beautiful day -- rare this year in this part of the country. Once in Kent we wandered around in the sunshine admiring the shops and sitting outside with some yummy coffee with several Sunday afternoon bikers. So far, so good...

We enjoyed a glass of wine at my friend's house with husband and friends and were ready to leave for the restaurant in town when a cell phone rang and there was a call for me from my mother's nursing home. Of course we thought immediately that something had happened to her, but in fact it was someone else who had been visiting her! So it was no dinner for me or my good friend who drove me through the rainy night for several miles along back roads to first see my Mom and then to head for the hospital. I will not go into details of who this was, but it was important enough to do a lot of rushing around. By noon the next day the crises was over and the patient was discharged. We went immediately to see my Mom and all is now well.

The events have proved once again how vulnerable we are to change -- especially since most of the time we can make plans, we can get on with the day-to-day routines of our lives. But sooner or later -- and especially as we get older, the expected unexpected happens. It is humbling to realize yet again the mortality of those we love as well ourselves. It is reassuring to be reminded once again how important it is in my life to have such supportive friends who never falter in their ability to respond to the moment and fly to the rescue. The longer I live the more I believe that it is how we live with each other that makes lives worth living. We are strongest as social beings interacting and caring and living for each other. While it is important to recoginize the individuality of ourselves and others it is the working together of individuals that answers a more divine call. I have long been struck by the fact that the Lord's Prayer is all about we and us and not I and me ...


  1. So sorry your plans were disrupted, Broad, though glad it turned out not to be serious. What you write about relationships is so very true and important. I'd be tempted to go even further and say that it is our relationships that make us truly human. After all we worship a God of relationship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and are made in that image. Deep thoughts for a Wednesday afternoon :-)

    Do you know yet when you will be flying home?

  2. Yes, especially at this time in our lives, things change so rapidly. Having good friends is the best guarantee against adversities and tragedies.

  3. G'day Broad. How true are your words. Life can throw us a curve ball when we least expect it. As for good friends, they are the best. Friendship is so important. I have just renewed a friendship that I nearly let get away from me and it gives me a warm feeling to think that all is well with my friend and I again now. Thank you for you lovely comments on my blog. I do appreciate it. Take care....

  4. What a lovely and moving post! That's so true about the importance of friendships and "us" and "we" rather than "I" and "me." And it's so true that life can change in a moment. Life is so fragile and our connections to each other so precious.

  5. @perpetua: I fly back today -- it's kind of a long haul. Puddle-jumper to Newark from Hartford, Connecticut. I get to Newark about 2.30 and have to wait till 10.00 p.m. for my flight to Manchester! I will be so glad to get home where the good weather is. It's been a while since we've had good weather for Easter!
    To everyone: thanks for your kind comments. I just love hearing from you all.

  6. I love what you've said here. I hadn't thought about the Lord's Prayer being about we and us before. But it's absolutely true. Thank you x


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