Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding fever

The UK is very excited! Until this week it's been rather muted -- but now we've all -- mostly-- given in to the media hype. Thursday is my regular grocery shopping day  I thought it would be a bit busy, but was totally surprised at how crowded it was. When I finished my shopping it was so impossible to even get in line for a till, that I wandered around the store for 20 minutes waiting for room just to get in line.

Of course there are those who detest all the royal goings on and long for the time when the royal family will be relegated to history. I especially like the guy on Channel 4 news tonight who argued for the demise of the monarchy and then admitted rather sweetly that he would be sneaking a view of the proceedings when they happened! Members of the Labour Party are somewhat scandalized that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been invited, but John Major and Margaret Thatcher have been. The official excuse being that Major and Thatcher are members of the 'Garter' and so were invited. And since it is not a 'State' occasion, but a 'private' one Blair and Brown were not included in the invitaions list!

Royal occasions usually mean that people plan street parties -- the last time a vast party was planned in Southport on Lord Street. It was deemed that it would be so popular that only children would be seated at the tables which lined the street. On the day it rained cats and dogs and all the tables and chairs ended up folded up and stacked along the sidewalks/pavements.

Tomorrow, not being an official state occasion there is no town party, but several lesser street parties planned. It looks as if the weather may very well cooperate in this part of England -- though it is not so promising in London -- fingers crossed for the crowds down there. They are expecting thousands and thousands of people to join the thousands already lined up along the wedding procession route to West Minster Abbey. Myself, I cannot imagine putting up a tent on the pavement -- some for several days -- in order to have a prime view of the event. No, I shall be sitting comfortably in front of the telly and will make a point of wearing something respectably comfortable!

But, in honour of the event I am planning a special celebratory dinner of fois gras, duck in plum sauce and cream puffs for dessert -- see the excitement has caught up with me. I even felt slightly teary when they released details of the order of service. God Bless Kate and Wills...


  1. It being our wedding annoversary tomorrow, I've been taking an interest in the royal preparations, even though I'm staying in the far north of Scotland (where the weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow). Not having TV here I was resigned to not being able to see the wedding itself, but someone from church has just invited me to watch it with her! I'll think of you with your celebratory meal, Broad. :-)

  2. I think I'll take myself out for tea and celebrate all things British.

  3. G'day Broad. Thanks for the advice about the Yorkshire puddings. They didn't turn out as expected. I don't think the fat was hot enough.I used a six hole muffin tin and even though they were not quite right, we enjoyed them. They didn't rise though, so I don't know what I did wrong. A friend said to let the batter sit for an hour before using, then someone else said no, to use it straight away. I let it sit, maybe that was the problem. I will try again at some stage. Thanks once again Broad. Tale care. Liz...

  4. G'day Broad. I will try your receipe. I used lard in the bottom of the muffin pan (was told that's traditional!!) and I really don't think I had it hot enough. But I am determined to get them right. Thanks again. Take care. Liz...
    PS. I greatly enjoyed the wedding. Kate looked beautiful.


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