Saturday, May 21, 2011

And When I Am Bad I Am Horrid!

I just wrote a ridiculous post and deleted it. It was all about my outrageous behaviour a few days ago and making excuses for it. When I read it over I became so bored by it all that I decided it was not worth inflicting the Internet with the sorry tale. What I had really wanted to write about was that I'd had a childish old-fashioned 'hissy fit'. At least I didn't stamp my feet -- exactly -- oh, maybe I did, come to think about it -- as I strode across the room with a huff and a puff to get my coat and storm off. I really was dreadful and even though I have apologised unreservedly to those who witnessed my terribleness -- still and all it does make me wonder if I ever ever will be a grown-up.

And now I am back in Connecticut for a few weeks -- trying to help out Mom as she works her way back to Independent Living. She will have to go through a period of Assisted Living as she works with others to regain strength and confidence and she too has moments of child-like anxiety. But she never ever has a 'hissy-fit'!

I am tired now. Have not had a proper night's sleep since I got here 4 days ago. The day after I arrived Mom was discharged and is now back in her apartment! Every day sees improvement in confidence and physically. It is a lesson in how resiliant the human spirit and body can be and is. It is also a lesson in how important the love and support of friends and family can be in that process and that we really are creatures that need each other.

I'm falling asleep over the computer. It's time to go to bed. And it's already tomorrow and another day!

And I'm so glad Suldog's come back to us ...


  1. PRetty sure you have every reason to have a downhome outright hissy fit. I'm down to one every few months now. And I'm 65. So see. We do improve with age. I find it releases all those tensions that we let ourselves and others pile on us until we can no longer carry them. Thus let's hear it for a good hissy fit occasionally. Happy to see your comment on M. Day piece.
    Blessings to you and your mama. Give yourselves a pat on the back and give yourself bits of time to rest. Barb

  2. I have some theories about the causes of 'hissy fits' and how to prevent them. I hope I never become aggravated enough to inflict my theories on anyone.

  3. The fact that you knew you were horrible -- and apologized -- and still feel ashamed shows what a good person you are, Broad! We all have our moments! Best wishes to you and your mom during her transition time back to Independent Living (thank goodness!)

  4. G'day Broad. The good old "hissy fit". I haven't had one for a while, can't say that I feel any better when I do, but that's life. After all we are only human and entilted to all that goes with it. You apologised and that's the important part. Glad to hear your mum is doing ok, she must be so glad to be back home and to have you there at this important time. Take care. Liz...

  5. Broad, if not having the (very) occasional hissy fit is the definition of a grown-up, I, for one, have to join you among the children.

    Given what a stressful time you've been having with your mother's health problems and your transatlantic trips, letting off steam good and proper was probably very good for you, even if not the most edifying thing for the rest of those present. You're human like the rest of us, not a plaster saint, and you have the great saving grace of recognising that you behaved badly and apologising properly. All good wishes to you and your mom.

  6. Yes, I second Kathy's words. You were tired and frustrated and that's how bodies work when they are imposed on too harshly. Good to see you and your Mom on a positive trajectory.

  7. We all have our days. Some of us have our years :-)

    Thanks for the linky love!


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