Tuesday, May 03, 2011

From one Extreme to Another

Well, that was some kind of holiday weekend for the UK. Friday was a romantic triumph with lots of pomp and ceremony that the British do better than anybody else. Even the weather gave in to the celebrations and the rain stayed away. We shed a tear or two for the happy happy couple and had a good laugh at a certain princess who wore antlers on her head. All in all the wedding of the year/decade/probably not century was a glorious wonder. And wasn't it a giggle to think of all the papparazzi and journalists staking out the airports for a glimpse of the newlyweds setting off on their honeymoon only to discover that alack and alas they wouldn't be going just yet -- they were saving it for a later date? Well done to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  So is Prince William now married to a princess as well as a duchess? And if she is a princess is she lumbered with the soubriquette Princess William?

About the dress -- this is the most honest truth, too. The night before as I was trying to sleep thoughts crept through my hazy mind as to what sort of dress I would pick out for the bride-to-be. Believe it or not I thought of Princess Grace of Monaco -- really, really, really! And I even chose a bouquet of lily-of-the valley -- I did so, I did so, cross my heart!!! Yes, yes, yessss, I am so so smart ...

Then we come to Monday morning 5.00am and I'm up for tea and breakfast. Just in time to get the very tail end of President Obama's announcement that Osama Bin Laden was dead. And there were all these crowds outside the White House and people cheering and chanting U S A; U S A; U S A -- over and over again. Initially, I was confused and shocked -- how could there be so many people when it had just been announced -- until I learned a few hours later that in fact news had leaked out earlier via Twitter and other networking sights.

As I watched I felt a lot of discomfort. I do not feel celebratory and I feel uncomfortable with the word 'justice'. What I feel is 'satisfied'. I am satisfied with the fact that he is dead and that his body was disposed of at sea. A few minutes ago I was shocked to see pictures on the Internet of the President and Secretary of State grimly watching events as they took place. I believe that it was appropriate for them to do so and from their expressions it was not something they enjoyed watching at all. The celebratory tone of the crowds of people that gathered was understandable, but at the same time reminded me of the Wizard of Oz and munchkins singing ''Ding Dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead" and that did not seem appropriate in this dangerous and troublesome world we now live in.

The events of the weekend underline the truth of our lives -- there is the very best and the very worst always with us and how we are able to adjust to the harshness and the beauty is the struggle of humanity.


  1. Broad, what a very perceptive and profound post. I too thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and the dress reminded me of what my mother, and also DD chose for their weddings. I understand that the Duchess of Cambridge is not yet a princess, though she is now Her Royal Highness.

    As for the death of Bin Laden, I'm with you entirely on thinking that public celebration isn't the right response. I'm not sure the world is any safer for his death and indeed my fear is that this will prove to be an illusory achievement, replacing a fugitive leader whose influence may well have been waning with a dead martyr whose blood, to some, will cry out to be avenged.

  2. I fully agree that it somehow doesn't seem right to celebrate Bin Laden's death while, at the same time, I feel it is good to have rid the world of such an evil man. Difficult, isn't it?

  3. Yes, in one week, two different events, each comforting in a different way, each exciting for different reasons.

  4. Just found your blog via A Very Grand Pressigny. Agree with your view on the reaction in the States on the death of Bin Laden. Can't say I felt comfortable with the (mainly) young crowd outside the White House chanting USA USA as if they'd won a football match; but I'm relieved he's dead.

  5. G'day Broad. Agree with you about the wedding, the dress was elegant and very suited to her. Loved the dress her sister wore, that was a stunner. As for the death of Bin Laden, well the USA is celebrating alright, but, I don't think it by any means is at an end. He's one less bad guy the world has to worry about though.Take care. Liz...

  6. Hi, Broad! I so agree with your sentiments about this past week's major events! I thoroughly enjoyed coverage of the royal wedding and thought everyone looked lovely. And the death of Osama Bin Laden was, as you say, satisfying, but not something to be celebrated in the streets. I wonder what impact it will have on future terrorism and also if it will hasten the U.S. exit from Afghanistan. That would be great news, indeed!


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