Thursday, May 05, 2011

Off Again, Off Again, Jiggity-Jig!

It's happy news and at the same time proves there is no rest for the wicked -- namely me! The good news being that my mother has made sufficient progress with her rehabitation that she could be back in apartment as soon as next week, but more likely the week after. When I left to come back to the UK I thought it would be late June or early July. I will know more Friday when there is a meeting of the parties involved as to the likely course of action. I have promised my mother that I will be there for when she gets back and plan to stay for about three weeks.

Two days ago I was trolling the Internet looking for cheap flights at the end of June and early July -- and of course with the school holidays in the States costs of almost doubled. So financially at least it is much better for us to have me travelling in the 'off season'. But oh the thought of getting on one of those tight-fitting planes so soon doesn't thrill me. I got back here on the 22nd of April, and am only now feeling 'back to normal' again.

Last night I looked again at flights and found a really  good deal that I hope to be able to take advantage of when I know more details. So what was a worry about finances one day, becomes a problem probably solved the next -- and I'm complaining about a bit of leg room... the angels must be fed up trying to please me!

All this upheaval goes to show how set in our ways the Man and I think we have become. We've been able to make our plans and follow through with little interference. We go to France in the Summer and come back to the UK for the winter and in the Spring or Fall would pay a visit Stateside. This has been our program for 12 years or so -- except! Except! Except! For two years we were living with my parents in order to help them make the decision to sell their house and find a better solution to their living needs. And then a few years later we were off to Olympia, Washington for a year to be near my son's family while he was away studying. Both experiences were upheavals, often difficult but more often rewarding.

And really, another three weeks is a minor upheaval due to the wonderful fact that my dear sweet mother is able to go back to live in the place she loves so much. My sister who was with her when she received this news described her as being 'all smiles' and that makes me smile, too.

Now, if I could just get a bit more leg room all would be well!


  1. So pleased to hear your mother is making such great progress, broad. No wonder you're happy. Good luck with the planning and flight - it will all be worth it to see your dear mother back home and happy.

  2. Peroetua, I've just ordered "In This House of Brede" -- it should arrive in plenty of time for me to have it on the plane! Looking forward to it -- thanks for the tip...

  3. in that case the flight will pass in a flash, Broad. :-) If I pick it up, I still find myself immediately drawn back into the story, even after all these years and re-readings. Bon voyage!

  4. G'day Broad. What great news about your mum. Happy flight planning. I know what you mean about leg room, there's never enough. Glad all is working out ok. Good to hear some happy news. Take care. Liz..

  5. Hi, Broad: Such wonderful news about your mother's progress! Despite the break in routine, the lack of legroom and all the inconveniences of travel, this trip, indeed, will be a happy one! It's terrific that your mom can be back in a place she loves sooner than expected.

  6. You do a lot of flying, accomodating all the family members and their various needs and residences. Where do you call home?

  7. Rosaria, I started to answer your question and decided to write about it in a new post... Thanks for the idea!


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