Friday, July 29, 2011

Now Quickly -- St. Cere!

Gosh it's difficult to keep up the blogging when limited to two hours a time on the Internet. Today I'm in St. Cere -- the town that started us on our adventure in the Lot. There I am in the picture above -- behind the balcony on the first floor -- way in the back!!! Behind, overlooking the town are the St. Laurent les Tours -- now a  museum to the artist Jean Lurcat and his beautiful tapestries.

And my goodness how St. Cere has changed since 1986, the first year we came. At that time it was a bit woe-be-gone. Like most of the small towns here at that time.

This past Tuesday was the first of two nocturnal markets held each summer. It was hard to believe that less than an hour before the rains had been relentless -- subsiding just in time for the bargaining to begin. Unfortunately we had cancelled our dinner plans expecting the rain to spoil everything -- but we still enjoyed the atmosphere and the entertainment that was provided in the square where we didn't have dinner!

The Bave River finds its way picturesquely through the town. Though the bridges are modern they are nevertheless designed to blend in with the town and are beautifully decorated with flowers and hanging baskets. The Man and I have just arrived and were happy to find a convenient parking place -- due I am sure to the inclement weather people thought they would have and didn't!

When I say St. Cere has change I mean it has been 'cleaned-up'. The town itself is still the charming medieval place it has been for hundreds of years. But the buildings have now got a 'golden tinge' to them instead of the dusty grey we first encountered. Here we are on the main thoroughfare, just beginning to fill up with locals and tourists.

Well my time is up. So a short visit it is. Hope I'll be getting to check in again soon!


  1. Lovely little river. I'd certainly enjoy sitting on the wall, my feet dangling over the water, perhaps enjoying a smoke and a cold one.

  2. It looks like a lovely little town. But I'll be darned if I can see you in the photo!

  3. What a lovely town! Thanks for much for giving us a virtual visit!


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