Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Weighty Problems

Once upon a time long ago I couldn't get enough of  'fashion'! Now I am content to a very simple and boring uniform of trousers, jackets, shirts and or t-shirts. Occasionally I will wear a skirt -- if I can steel myself into wearing shoes with a not-too-high heel. Of course if I were still a size 8 instead of -- well never mind what -- then maybe even at the age of 66 I wouldn't be so nonchalant about it.

 This does not mean, however, that I do not have a sense of  'style'. My favourite look for myself is trousers and linen shirts. This style helps to camouflage a number of bulge faults and imperfections to a svelte outcome. As long as the detail on my costume of choice does not include ruffles and other frills this works rather well for me. I also find that jewelry in the form of necklaces and bracelets work wonders in bringing an otherwise boring outfit to life.

While I am well aware of what will look well on me, I am still nevertheless prone to severe and troublesome temptation at the time of the Summer Sale -- which is here and now!!! It occurred to me while looking over the offerings online last week that I could be doing with a nice summer dress -- for going out to dinner while in France -- and I saw one I thought would 'do the trick'. A smudged animal print in my kind of colours and a very simple cut: a cross cut bodice, sleeveless, with a flared skirt. When it arrived I was thrilled. It looked divine. I would have to wear something with sleeves as my upper arms are definitely something not to behold,  but I was really really pleased. I even got my closest friend to come in so I could show it to her and she also thought it was wonderful. And a huge bargain to boot!

Then I tried it on...

I'm still debating whether to take it back or not ...

The thing is I forgot about having to put  all the svelte-making stuff on underneath -- you know the stuff that holds you in and lifts you up! and my hair was ugh! And it was the end of the day and the face hadn't been fixed -- I'll have to try it on again and make more of an effort and I'll have to put on my highest heels. Oh the palaver of getting dressed up. It's just not fun anymore ... it's -- well it's definitely Hard Work. And days of time ...

I really must learn to stick to handbags and sandals and other accessories, like a Mad Boy, maybe if I see one in The Sales ...


  1. Gosh, you're brave, Broad. i haven't voluntarily worn a skirt since I don't know when, though I can identify with your usual uniform. Hope you can make the bargain dress work for you.

  2. Hello Katherine:
    Now, we are absolutely certain that you are doing yourself a complete disservice where the dress is concerned which sounds, and we are certain is, most attractive. Set it aside [do not send it back] and return to it when you have considered what you will wear with it and are in the mood to try it on again and experiment with accessories.

    If still in doubt, then acquire the Mad Boy who will, if he is worth his salt, encourage you in all things and provide original and helpful suggestions to guarantee you feel worth a million pounds [or should that be dollars?!!]. And thank you so much for the link - a kind and generous thought.

  3. Perpetua, as long as the skirt is on the longish side I am quite happy to wear them -- it's the shoe thing -- summertime and sandals present no problem but wintertime and closed up shoes -- it's always an 'ouch' problem!

  4. Jane and Lance, many thank you's for being so encouraging. I will do as you suggest -- I'll go for the million pounds -- still a bit more than dollars! ;-)

  5. I will not dare to make comment on women's fashion. I am a jeans, t-shirt (possibly polo), and sneakers guy. I wear a suit perhaps twice a year, and a tie just as often. The most I "dress up" is when playing sports and I put on a team uniform! So, I'll just say Best Of Luck, and I'm sure you look fine - I've found that most folks think they look worse than they actually do!

  6. Sully, I love what you say about the most you dress up is when you put on a team uniform! I've got to go now and sort of 'dress up', but only in that I don't want to be 'dressed down' -- trousers, clean shirt and waistcoat and comfortable shoes -- oh and I must not forget the 'lippy' -- make the face look good and you can almost always pass muster!

  7. I can really empathize, Broad. Dressing up is such an effort, but when you have such a lovely bargain dress maybe all the underpinnings, shoes and the like are worth it for a special evening out!

  8. I think that the very fact you are trying new and creative outfits says a great deal about you at 66 - well done you!
    I just discovered your blog via Martine and will explore some more.

  9. Kathy: Yes, it's the effort -- most of the time I'm ready for a nap by the time I've finished!

  10. Craig: What a nice thing to say -- thank you! And thank you for dropping by my blog, it's lovely to see you here!

  11. I'm 66 too and have changed the way I dress. After I quit working several years back, quite a few back, I got rid of all my dresses, suits, silk stockings, anything that was worn to the office.
    Now my closet is filled with khaki pants, short, medium, long, jeans, lots of white blouses and a few colored, a few various tops, lots of shoes. I use jewelry to make myself dressy.
    I'm not who I used to be. And I like not dressing up. I love make up however and use it almost every day. Otherwise I have to sneak up on mirrors.
    I treat myself to the hair dresser every month or so and do some color.
    That's my entire regime. Pretty relaxed. Just the way I like it.
    Sounds to me our routines are similar.
    Do you wear scarves. I like them and have a few.
    Blessings, B

  12. @ Barb, Oh, yes, I love scarves -- imagine my dismay a few years ago when I discovered I had somehow lost many of them when returning to the UK from a year in Olympia, Washington. I've still not replaced enough -- but can at least look forward to new acquisitions. And, yes, yes, yes to the hairdresser: a good cut and coloring magic do wonders for this 'old broad'!

  13. I think I have one longish skirt which I can wear with flat boots... never ever got the hang of high heels-- [I'm 5'8"] Antoinette

  14. I took the plunge and had my hair cut when in London....after all those years in France I'd almost forgotten that there were hairdressers who did not automatically colour you red and shave your neck.
    It looked super, it changed how I felt about myself and I went out to the sales.
    I bought proper shoes...not my usual sandals or espadrilles...I bought a dress and I bought skirts and a neat linen jacket.
    I nearly bought another jacket that made me look as if I had a waist....but old habits die hard and the 140 pounds price tag made my handbag clasp seize up with righteous Scottish fury.
    Anal retention normally has nothing on the clasp of my handbag.

    I think I've decided to wear fun clothes again because I'm feeling life is fun again.
    Mr. Fly is showing slow but distinct improvement, it's great not to be cold and I'm going out to 'things' for the first time in years!

    Mark you, buying a load of underpinnings at Primark before trying on clothes helped a great deal as well...I shall donate my old bras to Mr. Fly as planters....

  15. @Antoinette: yes, yes flattish boots -- absolutely! But only in winter -- I can't be doing with them in warm weather like some. Once when we had the dire experience of visiting Las Vegas we came upon a British lady who was striding along the strip in 90F degrees wearing fur-lined boots!!!
    @Fly: you have really made me laugh and out loud, too! I once got red-headed in France -- big mistake!

  16. Hello

    I found you from Hattatt blog and found her @My Old Historic Home Blog in Missouri USA where I am also. I have never met Richard however plan to this summer we are about 150 miles apart.

    anyway love hearing about what your wearing these days seems like we all like our trousers and linen tops this time of year and I also love my bracelets have 4 on now

    I work part time 3 days a week

    Janice Dauksch

  17. Hi Broad,

    Just a quick note to draw your attention to my latest post "The 7 Links Project" and warn you that I've nominated you as one of my list of 5 bloggers to link in with the project. I do hope you don't mind and that you find it as enjoyable as I have done.

  18. Trousers and Linen shirts scream classy broad to me. I think that look will never date. I am intrigued to see a photo of "the dress." I bet you look great in it.


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