Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rippin', Syncin', and Playin'

Grandson's team mascot, keeping me company while I type!
I love it when I discover that I am still -- though somewhat in a limited fashion -- technically competent! When I first got my now 'newish' phone last December -- its a Nokia N8 -- I tried to download some music to it and failed miserably. So I gave it a rest for the moment as something to come back to later when I was in a more 'accessible' frame of mind! (One of the advantages for me in my doddering years is the ability to do this easily and without malice!)

So several months later and a few short days before having to set off on our French journey, with many things to do, I felt the sudden need for a diversion and decided to once again tackle the business of figuring out how to download music to the cell phone. I very quickly managed to discover, after some trial and error I won't describe,  that the method was very simple and much much quicker than the last time I had done it for my Treo 650! I chose several best loved CD's, opened up the media player, plugged  in the phone appropriately, and synched away quite happily for an evening -- all the while patting myself on the back at how clever I could be after all!

On our way down to the South of England -- I am now in Tadworth, Surrey -- I sat happily with my earphones on listening to the end result of all my efforts. As I prefer to listen to classical music above all others and The Man prefers popular music, we were able to satisfy both of us. I especially like to listen to opera -- especially the genre of romantic bel canto and my choice was an old favorite that I'd not listened fully to for years and years: Rossini's La Siege de Corinthe. My recording was a performance in La Scala with the late Beverly Sills and Marilyn Horne. I can remember listening to it as a teenager as it was broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera with tears streaming down my cheeks -- emotional as only teenagers can be -- because I knew that Sills' daughter was deaf and it had struck me that her daughter would never be able to hear her mother sing ... I digress ... My goodness, the music is delicious, Sills and Horne were divine. It is s shame it is not seen and heard more often.

I was only able to listen to the first half of this favorite when we arrived at our destination, but am looking forward to concluding it tomorrow when we once must again 'hit the road'! Ahhhh bliss!!! Now, should there be any other classical music lovers reading this, the  Proms begins on Friday and I want to recommend that you watch or listen to a very very talented and young British pianist, Benjamin Grosvenor. I have been following the career of the young man since the age of 11 and I promise he will knock your socks off! I hope to have the TV set up in France and watching on BBC 2 in time!


  1. Thanks for the reminder about the Proms, Broad. i tend to forget here in France. Happy listening on your journey to France - I'm a classical music lover too, so can imagine your bliss at being to listen uninterrupted to a favourite performance.

  2. Hello Katherine:
    Yes, classical music for us too above all others and your travellers' choice sounds to have been delightful. Fortunately, the opera in Budapest is still relatively inexpensive and so we can enjoy live opera often. This, we regard as one of life's absolute pleasures.

  3. There really is nothing like music to soothe the soul, Broad. I'm so glad you figured all that out just in time for your holiday! Speaking of Beverly Sills, I have an indelible image of her. I, too, was a big fan of hers and was delighted when I got a magazine assignment to write about being an super in an opera when the Met came to L.A. I was a super in an opera starring Beverly Sills. When I checked in at the stage door and went to the green room, I saw a lady sitting at a table in a robe and curlers writing postcards. Someone came up and started talking with her and she had a distinct New York accent and laughed a lot. The other person then said "See you later, Bubbles!" and I realized that it was Beverly Sills. She was absolutely ordinary and completely extraordinary. What a talent she was -- and what a shame that her daughter could never hear her sing.

  4. G'day Broad. I love the bear. Good on you for learning how to get the music on your phone. I hope you enjoy it. Take care. liz..

  5. Good on you, you technophile! Having your favourite music handy is one of lifes little luxuries I think. I've never attended a Proms concert but I'd like to one day now we're back in the UK. I'll watch for your pianist on Friday night.

  6. So Nice to meet you! I found your lovely site from Dr. Kathy McCoys blog.
    Looking forward to being your newest follower.
    Glad you were able to figure the music downloads for your awesome trip. I would still be trying myself.


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