Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boom, da-da, Boom, da-da, Boom, Boom, Boom!!!

August 15th, The Feast of the Assumption is a holiday in France. At 9.00 p.m. on Saturday last we heard the beginning of boom, boom, boom, rat-ta-tatt boom, screech, screech, riff, riff, boom da da boom dada boom. Aynac is just a little place, you know? We could hear people faintly cheering and a loud-speaker saying something -- but mostly it was boom, boom, screech, riff, boom da da boom, etc. exquisitely clear through our bedroom window, hour after hour through the night.

Through the next day ...

Until 4.00 Monday morning. I guess they decided to give the Holy Mother a break on her day!

Sunday it was raining or drizzling most of the day. The Man and I decided to try to find out where the noise (music to some, I grant you) was coming from. It sounded like it was nearby. We drove into the village, it seemed to be coming from that direction. But once in the village, we heard nothing! We took this road and that -- sound is very mysterious, you know?

We were able to narrow the sound down to a certain vicinity. We realized it was up not far from the Mayor's house -- but from there we could hear not a note, not a rumble, not a drum beat ... Hills and valleys do weird things to sound ... We expected to see lots of cars or something to indicate that something was going on -- that somewhere in our vicinity there was a 'happening'. We had our trusty topographical map with all the back roads and secret paths marked out and after a long period of trawling the area managed to find almost where it was! Close enough to hear the music that accompanied the drum, drum, drum. To our amazement it was 60's rock music -- which was quite acceptible to our ears -- we had been sure some kind of heavy metal rave was going on.

Really, though, it's astounding that this kind of thing can go on for so many hours non-stop. But then again, it is also amazing that sound has such a mind of its own. Our house is placed in just the best place to pick up the lower registers of sound -- but not the higher ones -- the ones with the melody! I expect Beethoven's 5th would be just another cacophony of noise -- absolutely impossible to fathom.

One good thing -- got to see some gorgeous countryside I'd not seen before -- really stunning.


  1. Fun post, Broad! I'm so glad you're having a lovely stay in France and were able to clear up the mystery of the mysterious booming and see gorgeous countryside besides! I love hearing about your summer in France!

  2. G'day Broad. That is a great post. I loved hearing about the noise makers. Or should I say, about the noise they made.!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your time in France. Take care. Liz...

  3. Looks like a puzzle solved and an enjoyable time. What more can you ask for?

  4. Was it a rave party?
    There used to be a vogue for them in the next commune...where, thanks to acoustics or whatever, the mayor couldn't hear it but people in adjacent communes could!

  5. Oh the French :-) once they get going with a party like that it goes on, and on, and on, and .....
    We've got one coming up next weekend. It's in the next village 4 kms away. Last year we got to listen to it loud and clear. Maybe this year we'll join 'em but not until 3 am :-)!!

  6. Being a voice-over person, and an audio engineer, I am constantly amazed by sound. The big noises, the little ones - MY WIFE is amused by the fact that, since it is my job to listen for disturbing noises and then excise them, I am especially attuned to little annoying sounds that she won't even notice! I'll sit there with a grump on because of a little noise the heater makes, for instance, and she won't know why until she asks. When I tell her, she then asks me why I don't hear half of what she says some nights! It's a no-win for me!

  7. They do like their loud music don't they. I recall a big (and quite fancy) wedding at an impressive house in the French village we used to live in. The music started about 10PM and went on until 5AM. We were not happy campers! Glad you solved the mystery.


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