Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Ain't Always 'Nice' when it's Nice

So happy to be back with the whole world again! Offline in every way shape and form since 19 August! But here I am in the brand spanking new office of Cyberbase, St. Cere! It takes so long to catch up with everything and everyone. E-mail, Facebook, Blogger, the Bank -- I've been at it for hours. Oops, must get up and have a wee bit of a stretch...

Gosh, I needed that! Just had a look out the window -- surprised to see the river Bave almost empty -- considering the cascades of rain we had earlier this week. The French seem to be battling the economic woes with lots of public works in the works. This brand new building seems to be part of a larger effort to improve the amenities of St. Cere and the surrounding area. It is the Centre Intercommunal d'action Sociale where I am sitting now.

Since the 19th of August

 Tripoli has fallen and Gadafi has fled -- hope they catch him soon and I hope they've learned lessons from the mistakes of others and that we don't ruin it for them.

Economic woes continue unabated... it seems to me that this problem is beyond the remit of governments because the global markets are outside of national jurisdictions. There has been a lot on the news about the weakness of western leadership, with the possible exception of Angela Merkel. I've heard several market analysts opine that this crisis is a threat to democratic government. Of course that is an easy line to spout, but no one has yet discussed in any discernible way what this would mean. I don't even understand what economics mean by debt -- and what is acceptable debt and what is not. The thing is too many people are more interested in scoring political points than in trying to understand how economies work and how they interact with each other when the network is global. And how can anyone 'know' the answer when no one 'knows' what the answer is.

Today, my heart broke to see the devastation visited on my favorite place, the beautiful state of  Vermont. My sister lives in Quechee, Vermont, one of the places shown a lot on the news. The pictures of the covered bridge a-swill with floods of water followed by the torrents along the Simon Pearce Glass Factory and Restaurant are terribly sad for me as those places hold many wonderful memories for the family.

There is a great need for all of us to be philosophical about the times -- but sometimes you've just gotta say that 'life's a bitch'...


  1. Glad to see you up and commenting again, Broad! You're right: so much can happen in such a short time and solutions/cleanup will take months and years.

  2. Glad to see you back again Broad. I rather like Merkel... she gives the illusion of being no nonsense (maybe it's not an illusion)?
    The Vermont floods are indeed awful and I wish your family well.
    Welcome back.

  3. Nice to have you back. :-) Love Quechee, we've been there a couple of times--RV-ing; so sad to see all the devastation. A friend in Granby Mass. sent some footage of the mess there. It will take a long time before the clean up is finished.

  4. Glad to have you back online!
    We have been sad to see the devastation caused by the caused by the weather conditions and thankful that the loss of life was not greater. The effect on the day to day lives of the local people will last for much longer so I hope they are actually supported as well as the promises seem to suggest.

  5. Hi Broad, from one absentee blogger to another :-) Not having TV here, I've missed seeing the destruction wrought by Irene, but what I've read online sounds dreadful. I do hope your sister and her family are OK.

  6. Have I mentioned before that MY WIFE and I love Quechee? The glass factory was so much fun to visit! And the gorge is quite spectacular. So sorry to hear about their hard luck from the storm...

  7. G'day Broad. Good to have you back. We have seen TV coverage here in Australia of the devastation caused by Irene.Hope your sister and family are all ok. Take care. Liz...

  8. 20 minutes to go and I'm cut off from the blogosphere again! Thanks for all your comments -- sad to hear the bridge in Quechee was washed away. Personally, I hope they can build another one -- though it would seem that there are some people that don't agree as they think it's not the real thing. Time will tell.


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