Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doom and Gloom

No more Internet for me until Thursday, if not Friday next ... probably. With the economic woes as reported on the BBC and elsewhere, I wonder if the world will have come to an end. The markets are globally tumbling and the Euro is in grave danger of .... collapsing? Not collapsing? And to hear the pundits punditting it's all Greece's fault. Greece, the birthplace of Democracy, is on the road to becoming the death knell of capitalism and the global economy?

So I hope the world as I now know it is more or less in tact by the time I get back to a regular Internet connection. Why is it that I have this over-riding sense that it's all more to do with politics and political manipulations than economics and common sense? Why do I have a pervading sense of being surrounded by insanity, as well as inanity?

Like many other people I now do not believe a word that politicians have to say -- but is it true that as much as we complain about politicians being two-faced liars -- we also do not want to hear the truth and that 'truth' is never -- or hardly ever --  successful at the ballot box? In the meantime are we being convinced -- unconvincingly, that disaster is looming ever larger unless we 'do something' which is never quite explained in any way that can be understood by anybody...

May I suggest the answer may be to .... Ahhh shucks, I don't really need to put it into words each one of us knows what the answer is, don't we?

Cheers until next week ...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wrapping up

Well, the days are drawing in -- we are past the Equinox now and the packing up has started -- albeit very slowly, as the weather is sunny and extremely pleasant -- low seventies/mid20's. Earlier today we started the annual shopping for those goodies you can only get in France. Some artistic presents for birthdays coming up, and unmentionable food for special celebrations and for Christmas. And of course -- wine. Tomorrow the packing-up gets serious. Sunday the big table on the patio gets put away -- then we know it's over until next year -- God willing...

Already our attention is on England and the family -- My niece and her family have just moved to London for two years -- can't wait to see her. The Man is having a big party for a big birthday in late October and my 'baby' sister is coming to England for her first visit to Europe at the end of October and I'm going to be staying with her -- after a quick trip to the Welsh border country after the big party and before the arrival at Heathrow. It will be 'grand' -- as my Grandmother would have said!

And when all of that is over it will be well into November and we all know what that means -- Yes, it will be time to get out my blow-up doll of 'The Scream' !!! 15 July
3 pm 18 September

September Hay-making

Nearby Chateau in September Sun

Yesterday a "Mist"ical September Morning

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September's Summertime Close ... A La Quercyland ...

The Last Rose of Summer

Final Days at the Lake This Year

In Full Bloom at The Garden Gate

Summertime Project Pleasures

September in the Early Morning Mist
And the Walls Have Come ....

.... Tumbling Down!
More to come on this!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Here's Looking at Him/Her/You and Me!

A few nights ago I was struck by an interview in which a young actor made the point that 'inside every 60 year old woman was a young 16-year-old who loves to dance'. It was a reference to Queen Victoria and our perceptions of her in our own time as being this little old lady in black mourning. Well, it brought me up a bit short as I am now 66 and even older than a 'little old 60-year-old!

So lying in bed thinking about this and that -- as you do when you are getting on ... I started thinking of our perceptions of people. About how the great thing about having friends for many years -- and including siblings -- we don't see them so much as they are now -- but in layers. When I see my oldest friend from the age of 10, I see her as I did on the first day I met her, and as she was when we met everyday after school and when she got married and so on. I still see my husband as he was the day I met him -- right alongside the grumpy old man who shouts at the evening news ...

Perceptions change as we get to know -- or as we become -- the 'old dear' or 'old git' next door or the 'hooligan' down the street. They cease to become just 'adjectives' and we can begin to see with new eyes something deeper and more pervading than that which is cursory. No matter how much we spend in time or money on how we look to other people, the truth is that how we are perceived is up to them to see. Some people don't see very well and others see what is not there and others what they want to see.

In no way do I denigrate 'looking good', wearing make-up or nice clothes. I love all that stuff. But now I'm a 66 year old lady and the perceptions are a bit  past my prime! It's just important to remember the word 'cosmetic' is on the surface. Most of 'us' is in the 'underneath' part and that's what is something to behold!