Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doom and Gloom

No more Internet for me until Thursday, if not Friday next ... probably. With the economic woes as reported on the BBC and elsewhere, I wonder if the world will have come to an end. The markets are globally tumbling and the Euro is in grave danger of .... collapsing? Not collapsing? And to hear the pundits punditting it's all Greece's fault. Greece, the birthplace of Democracy, is on the road to becoming the death knell of capitalism and the global economy?

So I hope the world as I now know it is more or less in tact by the time I get back to a regular Internet connection. Why is it that I have this over-riding sense that it's all more to do with politics and political manipulations than economics and common sense? Why do I have a pervading sense of being surrounded by insanity, as well as inanity?

Like many other people I now do not believe a word that politicians have to say -- but is it true that as much as we complain about politicians being two-faced liars -- we also do not want to hear the truth and that 'truth' is never -- or hardly ever --  successful at the ballot box? In the meantime are we being convinced -- unconvincingly, that disaster is looming ever larger unless we 'do something' which is never quite explained in any way that can be understood by anybody...

May I suggest the answer may be to .... Ahhh shucks, I don't really need to put it into words each one of us knows what the answer is, don't we?

Cheers until next week ...


  1. One thing's for sure, if you have a job you will pay more tax and have to work longer and longer.
    Because someone has to pay for everyone else's mistakes.

  2. G'day Broad. Oh dear, it does sound bad doesn't it. I too hope the world is in tact by the time you get back. Take care. Liz..

  3. Hope your Internet hiatus is relaxing, Broad! I share your sense that so much is politics and that government excesses and waste are never considered when it comes to solving supposed economic crises-- just benefits for ordinary people. It's all totally insane.

  4. Now reading this on Monday in Prague, Broad, and according to the BBC website a rescue plan for the euro is in the making and the markets are rising. What a difference a weekend makes (or seems to)

  5. Chin up! The world has long-survived both politicians and economists best attempts to exterminate humanity!


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