Friday, September 23, 2011

Wrapping up

Well, the days are drawing in -- we are past the Equinox now and the packing up has started -- albeit very slowly, as the weather is sunny and extremely pleasant -- low seventies/mid20's. Earlier today we started the annual shopping for those goodies you can only get in France. Some artistic presents for birthdays coming up, and unmentionable food for special celebrations and for Christmas. And of course -- wine. Tomorrow the packing-up gets serious. Sunday the big table on the patio gets put away -- then we know it's over until next year -- God willing...

Already our attention is on England and the family -- My niece and her family have just moved to London for two years -- can't wait to see her. The Man is having a big party for a big birthday in late October and my 'baby' sister is coming to England for her first visit to Europe at the end of October and I'm going to be staying with her -- after a quick trip to the Welsh border country after the big party and before the arrival at Heathrow. It will be 'grand' -- as my Grandmother would have said!

And when all of that is over it will be well into November and we all know what that means -- Yes, it will be time to get out my blow-up doll of 'The Scream' !!! 15 July
3 pm 18 September

September Hay-making

Nearby Chateau in September Sun

Yesterday a "Mist"ical September Morning


  1. Hello Katherine:
    Yes, the nights are certainly 'drawing in' as they say, and so your thoughts are turning to England and all the events that await you there. You have much to look forward to and how wonderful to be packing up lots of French goodies to take back with you.

    We have to say that we are very much enjoying these last days of late summer and are putting off our visit to England for as long as possible. But, as red wine has replaced rosé, we know that the year is turning!!!

  2. Good luck with the remainder of the packing up. Having lots to look forward to when you return will be beneficial - less time to pine for France!

    Safe journey back to the UK .....

  3. It's lovely that, even as you start packing to leave your beloved summer home, there is so much to look forward to when you return to the UK: special visits, celebrations and then the holidays. The seasonal rhythms and rituals enrich our lives so much!

  4. G'day Broad. Lovely photos. Hope the rest of the packing goes well. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to back in the UK. Enjoy. Take care. Safe trip back. Liz...

  5. @Jane and Lance: Unfortunately for me, I cannot now drink any red wine without almost at once suffering a dreadful headache! Looks nice in the glass though! I just have to suffice with Pouilly Fume or Sancerre, not to mention Champagne ;-)

  6. @Gaynor: Packing in earnest today -- keep putting it off. When we get back next year it will be about a big renovation project -- about which more to come!

  7. @Kathy: Yes, I really am looking forward to the next couple of months and the festivities -- until December, that is! That month is such an Olympian effort that I'm of the opinion it should only occur once every four years!!!

  8. @Liz: at this point I'm hoping the packing gets going at all! The weather is so divine, one does not want to get off the sun lounger!

  9. Your part of Quercy land looks beautiful. Good luck with the rest of the packing up and closing down of your French home--how brilliant that you have loads to look forward to in the UK--you won't even notice the gloomy weather ;-)

  10. Gorgeous photos, Broad and by now the packing will be done and you will be en route to the UK and an exciting autumn. You will be coming back to an autunm heatwave too - with temperatures in the mid 20s forecast for the UK all week :-) Travel safely....


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