Monday, October 31, 2011

It May Be All's Right in the World for You, but is All's Right in Your World for Me?

The other day I received a surprising message from a good friend who wondered if I was all right, because he had been thinking concerned thoughts about me 'for some reason' that day! The fact is that that particular day was an 'all's right with the world day' for me. So this word from afar was quite thought-provoking for me -- I began to wonder if my friend had been picking up something in my psyche that I was unaware of picking up for myself! And I also thought that it was a very warm, caring and sweet message to receive... weird, too...

So later on ... in the middle of the night, I had a case of acid indigestion and was puttering around the bathroom trying to find where I had put the Tums and I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror and O!...M!...G! What a terrible sight -- I don't think I'll ever wear that T-shirt again. Later -- back in bed -- and in shock -- I recalled my message from earlier in the day and thought to myself -- AHA! I've got to do something about that visage, because it definitely ain't healthy and though I might feel 'all's well' all is definitely not 'right as rain' -- to use one cliché after another...

Oh, hell, I just remembered -- I was only going to have one roast potato last night. I forgot ... Time to start all over again, but I need a nap first. And I didn't find the Tums, either. I think I left them in France ...


  1. Hello Katherine:
    Many years ago now we vowed not to have large mirrors placed anywhere in the bathroom where one would be caught in the reflection unawares! How people cope with wall to wall mirror tile is quite beyond us!

    But, how kind of your friend to send such a sweet message to you. If only we all took the time to do that, then perhaps the world really would be a kinder place. BTW,our nightwear is completely unshowable!

  2. Isn't it wonderful when good people can see the deeper parts of us? Take care of that indigestion bug. Yes, it can be a bug, and it can be treated.

  3. Me too, especially in the bathroom. Sorry you weren't feeling well, Broad, but at least you know why. How kind of your friend to get in touch like that - very sweet.

  4. Personally, I find that the potatoes are well worth what I look like after years of them, but that's just me.


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