Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Blue Haven

This is the place I miss most when in France. The Man and I are fortunate to each have our own space with (almost) enough room for our individual paraphernalia! And as you can see the differences in our interests can be best appreciated kept apart! Sadly, for The Man, he's had to put the trains away for the time being -- he just ran out of space!

By the end of November I will have a new desk installed and the room will have quite a different look, I think. The present desk is a very old fashioned one -- heavy and without much drawer space -- the new one is L-shaped and more modern, but presents other problems -- like what to do with the furniture it will displace!

So here I am at 5.22 a.m. -- sleepless and yawning, but in my special place and contented too with the quiet and solitude the early morning offers me. This luxurious indulgence is fortunate, indeed, for I seem to need this time of introspection more than most of the people I know. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reconcile this with the need for more sleep ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. The insomnia I recognise! I look forward to seeing the 'new room'!

  2. A room of one's own, how lovely.


  3. G'day broad. We each need that special place don't we? My sewing/computer room is mine. I look forward to photos of the room when you change it. Take care. Liz...

  4. What a gorgeous room, Broad! I share your need for a place of my own, as does my DH, though ours are nowhere near as spacious and attractive as yours.

    Your room size and shape remind me of my brother-in-law's house and they live in Southport too :-)

  5. Perpetua, we should get together for tea sometime when you are here!

    Southport has indeed got a fine share of Victorian houses and we are fortunate to live where it is possible to have one -- I have to say though that they take a lot of heating and today I'm freezing!

  6. What a good idea, Broad! We won't be there til next spring I would think, but I would love to meet up when we can.

    PS My BiL and his wife have exactly the same problem. Brrr!


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