Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finally It's Done -- Almost


Several months ago -- in June to be precise -- I had the opportunity to acquire very inexpensively, the office furniture of a friend who was closing down his business. My old and well-worn office desk had serve a useful and cheap purpose, but I had long hankered after something more modern and with more work space. We had to do some figuring out as to where to put stuff we were replacing and also we had to have the time and energy and an extra strong body to do it. The opportunity presented itself when youngest son came home for Thanksgiving.

We started Sunday morning -- This was the dreadful part -- taking everything A-Part! First emptying all the 'stuff' from two desks and a corner cupboard you can hardly see in the picture. The living room and dining room were also in chaos. Father and Son hard at work and me trying to stay out of the way ...

 Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday I waded through file after file and stored anew the paraphernalia of my new look office! Five large refuse bags are waiting to be burned -- some of the detritus of my life. In one cupboard that was overflowing with old files I discovered that in fact there were only three I wanted to keep! If only I could discard some of the detritus in my head so easily! It's a lovely luxury when 'everything' fits and there is even room for more! There is still a bit more to go through -- those 'in' boxes I'm looking at now still need to be gone through and those 3 files that escaped a fiery end need a place to live. Right now though, I'll bid you farewell as I have to go shopping ;-) Ah so the little contradictions of life can be oh so telling!


  1. Oh, I do like that, Broad! It looks lovely and so professional. You make me feel very disorganised. Sniff... I think I have office envy. :-)

  2. Hi,
    Your office sspace looks really good Broad. I agree about the detritus of life. We are overrun with it in all corners of the house in the UK and must tackle it soon. France isn't too bad - but just wait!!!

  3. Could you come and sort me out now?

  4. Perpetua: Thanks -- I'm very pleased with it ... So lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Gaynor: Our French house is already pretty over run with detritus -- most of it transported from here :-(

    Brighton Pensioner: ;-)

  5. Sigh... I can't seem to get much more than started.

  6. Uncle Skip: The state of the rooms being what they were put the pressure on me to get it done! I didn't have any place to sit down and stretch out ... And The Man wouldn't have been fit to live with either!

  7. Dear Broad,
    Like you, I have lots of detritus in both office closet and brain! I hope to declutter the closet in the coming months as I prepare to put my house on the market and move back to Minnesota. As to the brain--woe is me!


  8. It looks wonderful, you must be really chuffed with it,


  9. What an amazing difference! Very nice.

    Whenever I undertake such a task, it goes on for a week longer than it should because I keep stopping to look through every box full of rubbish I find while cleaning up. I never find anything that is worth saving, but I save half of it, anyway, and then my clean-ups don't look near as nice as yours.

  10. G'day Broad. The room looks great. It must be a much happier area now for you to be in. Wish I could get my act into gear and do a bit of sorting and clearing out!! Take care. Liz...

  11. @Dee: You have my heartfelt sympathy for the move you are about to undertake. Where are you going in Minnesota? I have very happy memories of my visits to Minnesota -- an early boyfriend who was from
    Rochester and my sister who lives in Minneapolis. Coldest winter week I ever spent was one December when they said the wind/chill was -60F. Couldn't visit neighbours right next door without all the winter regalia in place!

    @Suldog: Thanks Sully! Oh I'm so glad you are back in the land of the Virtual. Your Christmas Carols! They are -- what's the word -- I know -- so Suldoggy!

    @SP Yes, very chuffed! You take care, girl, I'm rooting for you two ...

    @Liz:The need for clearing out! Seems to be the global disease, doesn't it?


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