Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving for Three

Today's the day we usually celebrate Thanksgiving at our house. This year I  felt somewhat glum on Thursday -- perhaps because of all the recent family get-togethers and also remembering that last year The Man and I were in Connecticut with my mother and sister and her family. It's easy to get spoiled! So on Thursday, in order to feel somewhat part of things, I began preparations for today's dinner -- and for only 3 of us, too!

This year I've opted for a few changes in the normal menu! I found a recipe for cranberry sausage stuffing that I simply could not resist. It has a combination of bread crumbs, sausage, dried sweetened cranberries, apple and spices that gave an aroma that now fills the kitchen. Of course the recipe made a huge amount -- far more than I needed to fill the huge chicken I'm roasting insted of turkey. So I've divided what was surplus into two freezer bags and next time I roast a bird -- or maybe even pork -- I'll be set. The menu also includes honeyed sweet potatoes and parsnips, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower cheese and cranberry sauce -- which will all be finished off in about 30 minutes.

The other deviation from the normal menu is the dessert. I found a blog with a recipe for apple and pear pie which sounded so yummy that I had to try it. That's what I did instead of feeling sorry for myself on Thursday! What was unusual for me was that this recipe called for you to cook the apples and pears together with the sugar and spices before adding it to the pastry. The liquid that this produced was so divine tasting that the temptation to lick the pan clean was hard to resist (but I did...).

Tomorrow is Advent Sunday. In our church every year there is an Advent carol service and it is a very beautiful way to begin with carols written specifically for this time in the church year. For me this special service marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all. The finishing touches to the cooking are calling me to the kitchen ... Champagne, anyone?


  1. Thank you Broad, I hope you all enjoyed this delicious Thanksgiving meal.

  2. Good for you for trying new things to cook/bake to make the day memorable. Sometimes though, we just have to accept that there is no energy or joy in pretending.

  3. It all sounds scrummy, happy thanksgiving.


  4. Bring over that bottle! Cheers!

  5. Your meal sounds delicious - we don't really acknowledge thanksgiving here - maybe we should - another feast day would definitely cheer up dull November days.
    Thanks for the link to the apple, pear and ginger pie - just what we need at this time of year - November=ginger in my book.

  6. How sensible of you to do something positive instead of feeling glum, Broad. The results sound scrumptious and I've saved the recipes you mention for future testing.

    I hope your Advent Carol service was as wonderful as the one I went to this evening. A local choir was leading it and they were fantastic!

  7. What a great way to combat holiday blues! Your new recipes sound terrific!

  8. Dear Broad,
    Thank you for coming to my blog and commenting on one of the early stories of my childhood. I'm glad to have you "sign on," but also glad that I've now discovered your blog. I look forward to reading it.

    Your Thanksgiving menu sounds scrumptious. I'm a vegetarian and so parsnips "speak" to me! And that pie. I'd really like that recipe.

    Like you, when I'm glum I often work in the kitchen to center myself. I listen to a book on tape as I cook or bake and that takes me out of myself and away from my down mood.


  9. Gaynor: We enjoyed it very much, but were so full we had no room for dessert until the next day!

    Rosaria: And my new choices turned out to be good ones, too! You are right, pretending often just makes things worse -- however, it is also true that the choices we make can just as often make all the difference ...

  10. SP: Thank you!

    Ladybird: Cheers! Nothing better than a bottle shared!

    Jean: I have had many a Thanksgiving here in the UK shared with British friends and they always always get right into the spirit of the occasion! It's definitely a great antidote to the darkness... a note about the pie: I added 3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to the ginger -- mmmmm good!

    Perpetua: The recipes are definitely worth the test. And the Advent Csrol Service was and always is a wonderful way to start off 'The Season' -- gets me grounded...


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