Monday, November 28, 2011

Wachet auf!

"Wachet auf! ruft uns die Stimme
der Wachter, sehr hoch auf der Zinne;
'Wach auf, du Stadt Jerusalem!'
Metternatcht heisst diese Stunde;
sie rufen uns mit hellem Munde:
'Wo seid ihr, kluge Jungfrauen?
Wohl auf, der Brautgam kommt;
Steht auf, die Lampen nehmt!
Macht euch bereit zu der Hochzeit.

'Wake, O wake!' With tidings thrilling.
The watchmen's cry the air is filling:'Arise, Jerusalem, arise!
Midnight strikes! No more delaying.
The hour has come! we hear them saying;
'Where are ye all, ye virgins wise?
The bridegroom now is nigh:
Stand forth! Your lamps raise high!
In bright array this nuptial day.
Go forth and meet him in the way!'
Ihr musset ihm entgegen gehn!

Now, for me, the Holiday Season, begins ...


  1. Thanks for this, Broad. Our visiting choir sang it at our Advent Carol Service yesterday evening. I've always loved it, ever since I learned it at school in German lessons. A fitting start to advent.

  2. Ah, you're in the mood to celebrate. Carry forth, and share your activities, for those of us who are stuck in a time zone we can't quite escape yet.

  3. I like this hymn. I have a feeling it has English words, or else there is an Anglican hymn very much like it. Very nice, anyhow.

  4. Dear Broad,
    Advent was always my favorite time of the liturgical year. I no longer celebrate it the way I did in the convent, but I've never forgotten the seven "O" antiphons that begin--if I remember correctly--on December 17.

    My favorite has always been "O Oriens"--O Dayspring.

    I have an ornament that I always hang at the front of the Christmas tree. It is a sunrise in stained glass and always I think of the words of that antiphon.


  5. Thanks you Broad, I needed that this morning,


  6. Perpetua: I look forward to this hymn every Advent Sunday. I learned what German I know when I was 5 years living in Munich -- most of it I've forgotten, but was happy to be able to understand it without the translation! I absolutely agree this service is a fitting way to start the season.

    Rosaria: Ahhh no, the celebrations must wait -- it's the preparation I am now in the mood to begin!

    Dee: I agree with you -- Advent is my favorite time in the liturgical year. I've just found a good site ( for those interested in more detail about the antiphons, for those who might be interested. As a collector of Christmas ornaments over many many years, the one you describe sounds wonderful. And Peace be with you ...

    SP: You're welcome!

  7. Goodness, you've been taking me back in your last few posts...this time to singing this in German at school.
    Since when I've forgotten the little I once knew....

  8. Dear Broad,
    I visited your blog yesterday and read the words of the hymn and then left a comment, but I don't remember viewing the video. I've done so now. The music from both voice and organ lifted my spirits. Thank you.

    And thank you, too, for reading my postings since I began last May. I'm amazed at your doing this. Your comments are so perceptive. Thank you.

    Each Advent assures us that a new day, filled with possibility, dawns for us if only we open our hearts to it.



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