Monday, December 26, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas Memories: Christmas 1968

It's funny what one remembers about past events ... I remember my parents and my brother and sisters were all ready to leave for church on Christmas Eve 1968. I was wearing my brand new never-worn-before red winter coat!

The television was still on and suddenly NASA was broadcasting from the astronauts as they circled the moon and watched the Earthrise. It was an amazing thing to see and then to hear Bill Anders, Jim Lovell, and Frank Borman read from the first 10 verses of Genesis, was for me an unforgettable moment and one of my favourite Christmas Eve memories. Our whole family was transfixed and filled with wonder, love and gratitude for our planet and for the Creator in whose image we have been made...


  1. 1968 was our first married Christmas and DS was 3 weeks old. We couldn't afford a TV, so I never saw this. Thank you for giving me the chance, Broad.

  2. I am so pleased to have been of service! Thanks so much for letting me know ...


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