Friday, August 10, 2012

All Wired Up and Ready to Go

Our new bedroom seems huge to us! All of the work was done by The Man. The biggest job -- which is true of all renovation, is what you can't see! Above the ceiling is a loft and his first job was re-wiring the electrics so that it would no longer be necessary to have a lampshade hanging from the middle otf the ceiling for him to hit is head on. If you recall in the little film I made, you can see the electrics hanging in mid-air. The electric sockets that had been on the wall behind the bed, now had to be moved to the new wall.

After that a bit of wallpapering, the laying of carpet and oh yes more miscellaneous wiring!

The Man had told me that he would not be able to build the closet until next year as he hadn't brought enough wood with him and he couldn't find the louvred doors that he wanted. However, the more he thought about it the more he thought he could build a temporary solution by using the doors and material from the old wardrobe!

He started to build the frame. As the structure took shape he discovered that the doors from the old wardrobe were pretty much the right size for what he had in mind from the beginning.

While all this ingenuity was taking place, I was in England getting daily reports from The Man who was sounding more and more pleased with himself wnile at the same time insisting that I was to be the final authority as to whether all his work as acceptible...

Of course I love everything he did! Believe it or not, the estimate we had from a neighbouring carpenter to build the closet was 2,700 euros. The Man reckons it cost him 60!!


  1. What a star the man must be. That is brilliant...and all those euros saved means you can go and buy yourself somehting gorgeous to make up for all the time you have been waiting in England. I wonder what the neighbouring carpenter would make of it. You should invite him in to see it and let him know how much it cost. A great job. J.

    1. Actually, we need to be careful with neighbouring carpenterbas we don't want to offend them. Since the man did the work himvself we will probably be o.k. But it is perhaps a bit of a touchy situation...

  2. Hello Katherine:
    This all looks to be very splendid indeed and you must be feeling enormously pleased with the finished result. Not least, of course, with the cost! Excellent.

    Unfortunately your little video clip could not be shown in Hungary. Do not ask us the reason!!

  3. Dear Broad, the closet doors and surroundings have a lovely symmetry. That husband of yours did a wonderful job and did it so inexpensively also. I'm happy for both of you and I hope he's taking lots of delight in his achievement. Now he's probably wanting to spend some time just resting on his laurels! Peace.

  4. You've got a treasure there!
    Now that my man cannot do much of anything physical, I miss all the little things he did for us, and never got thanked.

  5. What a star The Man is! It all looks great!

  6. A star indeed! Is the Man for hire? ;o)

    Super work.

  7. Will "The Man" be comming to New Jersey soon?

  8. Great job...and so economical!
    You must have been delighted by the transformation.

    You may need to make sure he is not kidnapped by other bloggers....

  9. Oh to have a man who is so clever with hands and tools. The finished job looks spectacular Katherine...when can you send The Man over here? I have so many 'little' jobs he could master in minutes :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your lovely vacation.

  10. Such an improvement. I remember the demolition photographs and this is now such a more inviting space. Tell The Man that I think he did a fine job.

  11. The whole look is getaway charming. That fellow is a keeper. I'm sorry I couldn't enlarge the picture to admire the quilt. It looks old. Forties; fifties.

  12. OH, it's beautiful! You are indeed lucky to have such a talented Man around...

  13. What a delightful room. "Well done," to the Man.

  14. I know our built in wardrobe was not cheap, but there was nothing straight about the walls where it had to go so it was an added complication. You are lucky that you have yours for €60. Your room looks lovely. Take care Diane

  15. That looks fantastic, Broad! Give The Man a big cheer from me. :-) I'm sorry to say that Blogger tells me that I don't have permission to access your film (perhaps beause I'm in France?) Sigh....


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