Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Cat's Meow

It started loudly a few weeks ago at the mid-night hour, just as The Man and I were drifting off to our dteams. Our loft has long been a haven for various creatures, but particularly for feral cats and their litters. They have kept the mouse population under control and while not exactly welcome broadly tolerated.
Our bedroom has two windows, a velux window in the roof and a dormer window, from which all kinds of detritus was thrown at after the walls were smashed to bits. At the time only the dormer had a screen. So when tne almost, if not quite ear-splitting MEOWS started just outside the window I was sure an animal was about to come crashing in upon us.
The Man went to the window to investigate only to find a small kitten who aware of his presence quickly scampered to the other window. A game of 'Cat and Man' followed with the little fellow/lass running from one end of the roof to the other and 'cat'erwailing all the while. The poor mite was screaming for help and terrified of getting it. The Man even went outside with a flashlite and tried to think of a way he might capture it, but wisely decided that clambering over the roof tiles in the middle of the night after a feral little kitten was not the better part of valour!
Back to bed and just as we were about to drift off the mewing began once again. That was when we discovered Mama below on the terrace watching intently but saying not a 'meow'.
Now it just so happens to be true that at the time I was in the midst of reading two books by Dee Ready (and Dulcy) about her extraordinary relationship with and mutual love for Dulcy, a feline of exceptional quality.
So, being in the middle of their lives, in a literary sense, I suspect that I just might have been susceptible to a bit of 'cat'anormal persuasion. Mama down below bears an interesting resemblance to the wise Dulcy, and has a black and twitching tail very much like the one Dulcy accidentally lost!
It was very obvious to us that Mama was determined that her child find his/her way down to the ground. We knew there had been two kittens and the other was not around. We suspect the sibling had already followed Mama down some days before. Our little kitty was the perfect 'scardy cat'! He was also very hungry one... The way down was via a fig tree that grows along the side of the house and conveniently to our roofline and access to their haven and nursery: our loft!
The little meowing monster had exhausted him/herself and sleep descended on the little farmhouse. But that is when I am sure that Dulcy herself appeared in my dreams and pounced upon my psyche ... For the next day I really believe Dulcy helped us with the rescue... (to be continued)


  1. I have read Dulcy's story, too. I am enjoying your adventure with kitten and cat! Can't wait to find out what happens. :-)

  2. I could have kept on reading all morning. Can't wait...

  3. Poor little chap (bet it's a chap).
    Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Looking forward t the next episode....... Diane

  5. G'day Broad. How interesting. I for one, am waiting for more. Take care. Liz...

  6. You certainly know ho to keep your readers on tenterhooks, Broad. :-) Being a real softy where cats are concerned, I'm all agog....

  7. Dear Broad, I'm eager to discover how Dulcy helped you. And I'm delighted to discover that you are reading her two books. But I'm sorry to hear about the traveling difficulties of that small kitten. Peace.


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