Monday, August 27, 2012

Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats and Their Humans by Dulcy and Dee Ready

"Do you yearn for joy? Do you dream of a welcoming lap and gentle words? Do you wish to know the deep delight of a life filled with tangy tuna and abiding love? Then follow my twelve habits"
So begins this charming book chronicling the 'training' of one human lady by her feline mistress!
Habit one: Practice being unique... In her description of how to acquire this habit, Dulcy asks her fellow felines whether they can "howl melodies that pierce the night". For sure the little kitty-cat that paid us such a 'melodious' visit, as described in my last post, could howl not only to pierce the night, but as you will see one day soon, in the day as well!
With each of Dulcy's habits, Dee Ready explains how Dulcy's feline advice also pertains to humans. For example, Dee describes how when we were young we were the centre of our world and that our experiences were filled with' wonder':
"'Look at my bean plant. It's growing!' And we beamed with delight as if the sunshine of our smile had made the seed sprout."
But as we become part of the larger world we lose that sense of uniqueness. Dee then describes how she rediscovered her uniqueness and how through her relationship with Dulcy she was able to learn that "with practice, we will become what we have always been called to be --unique, lovable, one of a kind. A gift to the universe."
I found it interesting to contemplate what each habit meant and then to see if I could imagine how it would relate to humans. For example, what does it mean to 'Discover Your Heartwish'? And how do you 'Listen with an Open Heart?
This is a little treasure of a book. One that celebrates relationship. Relationship between ourselves and others; between ourselves and other creatures; and between ourselves and our 'self'. There is serious insight and humour -- "Habit 7, Trust Your Instincts" where Dulcy describes her instincts about dogs had me laughing out loud!
Most of all it is a book about love ...

I highly recommend Dee Ready's blog:


  1. I loved the book, too. Recently I went through my bookshelves to take books I won't read again back to the bookstore for resale and when I looked at that book, I knew it would always have a treasured spot on my shelf. It's that kind of book...

  2. Trusting your instincts is something my father dinned into me.
    He reckoned it was something vital for survival...something society had battened under the hatches in favour of politeness and docility in order to make a society work, but, in his view, never to be ignored.
    If it feels wrong, it is.

  3. Dear Broad, what a lovely review of Dulcy's second book you've offered your followers! Thank you so much for reading the book and then for commenting so generously about it's twelve habits. I'm so glad that you mentioned that it is a book about relationships. That's exactly how it felt to me when Dulcy gave me the stories and I saw that they could and did apply to humans as well. I so appreciate your kind words. Peace.

  4. I love this book as well. And you were so spot-on with this whole review. I especially like this part: "Relationship between ourselves and others; between ourselves and other creatures; and between ourselves and our 'self'."

    So happy to have found your blog ;)

  5. The Fly has got this exactly right, instinct is almost always right. Diane

  6. It sounds like a charming and inspiring book. And I love the title! :)

  7. What fun! Thanks for sharing this link.

  8. G'day Broad. That's a great book by the sound of it. I will try to locate it. Take care. Liz...

  9. Being a "dog person," I am naturally suspicious of cats. But I might set aside my inclination to check the book. Seems almost fascinating, for something by a cat.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful fun book for cat people. I'll have to check it out!


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