Sunday, September 02, 2012

Come September

On the 31st of August the first hint of autumnal weather was upon us. And with the change out came the duvets and i n came the fire wood -- all nicely chain-sawed up by The Man himself! On September first the wind was in the right direction and as there was HUGE pile of grass cuttings and prunings to be burnt the fire was lit and The Man stood by,hose in hand to keep it all under control -- a feat which has so far been successfully accomplished!
It always amazes me how quickly the seasonal change happens ... At least here and where I grew up in New England. No sooner did we get back to school -- two days after Labor Day (the first Monday in Setember) but the thermometer dropped, summer clothes were forgotten and Fall clothes were to the front of the closet, with winter coats at the ready!
Well, this is southern France I'm happy to say and the process is not quite so quick -- some lovely warm days are forecast for the coming days, even though the signs are here that summer is getting ready for bed... last night we lit the first fire since I've been here and went to sleep under the duvet. Tonight will be the same.
For those of you who may be wondering about Part 2 of 'The Cat's Meow'... I'm planning to finish it off when back in the UK with my laptop and a decent broadband connection so that I can post a l
short video of the little critter. This would be impossible using the cell phone. We leave for England on September 13th and will arrive home on the 15th. Our two sons are now at the house and will be there for about a week. One will then be off for a romantic adventure in Vancouver, Canada and the other returning home to Italy. Around the same time my stepson will be heading of with the Territorial Army for Afganistan, while my third son remains in Korea.
It all makes me feel a bit 'ho' and a bit 'hum'! Not only that, but any day now somebody will start reminding us of how many shopping days it is until (scream, scream, scream)!!!

Please forgive any typos and editorial faux pas ... Using a cell phone touch pad is somewhat challenging!


  1. Actually well done! I would never even attempt a post from my cell phone.

    95 degrees in New Jersey on Sept 1, but yes even with the heat and humidity it just dosn't feel like summer.

  2. Issac deluged us overnight; it is much cooler today. Even without the storm, summer is over. It may be too hot during the day, but it is wonderfully cold at night. A kitten going home with you?

  3. I missed the Cat's Meow and will have to go back and check it out.
    You sound as though you're having a good time.
    Best of luck traveling home and enjoy the rest of your stay.
    Here in Ohio it already is feeling like fall. Today a bit chilly with some wind left from the Hurricane Issac. We also welcomed some rain from the storm. We still could use more and may get it today.
    Ah, France, just saying it conjures up visions of a beautiful country side, quaint little houses with lovely flowers and gardens.
    Have a great day! Blessings.

  4. Funny to think that 2 weeks ago we in the throes of a heat wave. Mornings are beginning to be chilly here but once the sn comes out it warms up.
    Ordering the wood for the winter in on the 'to do' list for this week.

  5. In the 30s F here at night now, but the days are still warm and nice. We will get more hot days for sure. Great to catch up with you, now I just have to find out more about the cat.

  6. G'day Broad. The start of Spring here and only three days into it and the sun is shining. The next couple of days here are meant to be really nice, though the mornings are still cold and frosty. Minus 1 here when I took the doggy for a walk earlier on. Take care. Liz...

  7. The year is changing, too, in the colony of Canada. Glad you are adapting at your home in France, getting the litter burnt up and all, after your busy summer of renos.

    Hope you have a safe trip home in a couple of weeks.

  8. The last rose of summer. Sigh....

  9. Looking forward to the next installment and sympathising re typing on any unfamiliar beast.
    One more month and the real rains will be upon us...we'll be in the clouds part of each day...

  10. YOu did this on a cell phone? Yikes! You are dedicated. Nice pictures, too, from the same cell phone, I suspect. Have a safe trip home.

  11. I too am inpressed with your cell phone dexterity. I am amazed at how obedient the climate can be....In the Minervois someone told it September was coming, and suddenly the temperatures dropped. Of course, in England, I dont think they ever rose this summer. Enjoy your last couple of weeks in France, and we look forward to posts on your return to advanced and complex technology. J.

  12. Dear Broad, the weather is changing here too. We had our first soaking rain in many months. We are in the exceptional/extreme drought area and the farmers are saying that the rain we had won't help with this year's crops but may help with next. I so hope so.

    I am looking forward to a video and more story about the "cat's meow." And I want to thank you again for your wonderful review of Dulcy's companion book. Peace.

  13. Where does the time go? Remember how long it used to be between birthdays or holidays? Now the days speed by. We're still feeling a lot of heat here in Arizona but there are hints of the snowbirds (part-time residents) returning, so we must be getting into fall.

    I do look forward to Part Two and the video!

  14. Definitely autumn here in Normandy, Broad, with grey, misty mornings and sunny, golden afternoons. I am deeply impressed at the thought you actually posted this on your cell-phone. I can barely manage a two-line text!

  15. Ah, yes, the temps will soon drop here in New England and it will be my favorite season. I love Autumn. Crisp air, lovely foliage, championship baseball and college football!

  16. It seems to have warmed up here again and we still have the summer duvets on. Hopefully our wood stack will see us through winter but we will certainly not have much left. We have though new insulation in so the house should be much warmer :-) I would never try a post on my phone, think anyway it is too old to even try it is almost an antique :-) Have a good day Diane


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