Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun -- I Guess...

My goodness but it's been ages since my last post -- at least it seems so to me. Every day I say to myself -- I really do want to blog today for sure and then I don't get down to it. Sometimes I don't even open the laptop -- even just checking e-mail on my phone.

On June 2nd my son Rob and his girlfriend, Catrin (Cat) arrived back in England after a two year sojourn in Vancouver, BC. No blogging for me that day! And then the following weekend it was the annual Art Exhibit, which is a job I love doing, but no time for blogging that's for sure. The following week was busy getting used to a full house again -- Rob and Cat will be with us for the foreseeable future while they decide where they want to live and work.

Saturday night we had guests for dinner and after much hemming and hawing about whether or not it would be warm enough, we elected to barbecue. The Man did an excellent job with chicken and sausages. I was up early to prepare the 'fixins' all the time wondering why it was that some people can start their preparations at the last minute and have everything ready and piping hot on time and also look like a million dollars. We decided to serve the first course outside and then go in for the remainder of the dinner. However, to our amazement, the temperature stayed mild right through dessert and we didn't go inside until after 10 o'clock!

And then on Sunday, Father's Day it was my birthday and a great day it was, too! Robert is a very good cook and together the two of them presented us with very fine food -- and my favourite wine! At church earlier in the day, the Vicar even dedicated his sermon to me, for reasons that are difficult to explain, but which made me laugh. But it was a very good sermon about what is 'bad religion' and what is 'good religion'.

What I particularly liked was a story he told about present day 'good religion'. When he was a very young man he had a job with a packing company and for a time was sending packages to Sierra Leone. As a result he became very familiar with the towns and cities of that country, with the result that the place became of interest to him. He explained that the President of that country, that is 70% Muslim, is Christian and that the Vice President is Muslim. The intriguing thing is that while 70% attend the Mosque for traditional Islamic worship, these same people attend the Christian churches on Sunday as well...