Thursday, October 30, 2014

From Fireworks to Silk Worms...

I have now traveled most of the length of South Korea -- from the airport on Incheon Island near Seoul to the second city of the country, Busan (pronounced Pusan). And in between I have visited two Buddhist temples. Today I visited a huge, but typical local market and took many wonderful pictures of the various wares on display. We were there looking for a round pumpkin for my son, who wishes to make a jack-o-lantern. Round pumpkins are more difficult to find -- most of the pumpkins are round and flat.

Once home, I was anxious to have a look at the pictures I had taken, only to find that my memory card was still in the computer and, therefore,  I had nothing to show for my constant snapping away!

Below is Busan waterfront. We were there last Saturday for the International Asian Fireworks Competition -- beautiful setting and hundreds of thousands of people. Unbelievably we were able to find a very good parking place not too far away and in a reasonable position to escape without to much difficulty. The streets immediately beyond our parking went through the market place and our drive was slow enough for me to be able to take more pictures.

The bridge above was the backdrop for the firework display. Underneath the bridge in the background are the lights of cruise ships that have come from Japan to witness the display.

The picture on the left is of a large indoor market and on the right Korean dumplings are bubbling away in huge pots. Korean people love these places and there are multitudes of fast food places offering enticing and not-so-enticing delights. I was completely turned off at the sight of one particular delicacy: silk worms -- piles of them waiting for the frying pan -- and the frying pan sizzling away -- silk worms a-plenty in a spicy sauce! 

Much more appetizing and delicious were the tempura shrimp I had in the market today -- The photos that never were!!


  1. I hate to think I'd go hungry in Korea, but I might. My first slim little camera held only eight pictures. I finally went to buy a bigger memory card and found actually I had no memory card at all. The camera's internal memory held 8 pictures.

  2. Oh what a pain that the photos didn't 'take'. I love the ones that have come out. What a fabulous trip. don't think that I could stomach fried silk worms either but the tempura shrimps sound nice.

  3. Is a shrimp all that different from a silk worm? Hmnn...

  4. What a trip! One to put on my own list of to-do's. And maybe with enough wine I would even do the silk worm thing. Maybe

  5. Looks to be an unforgettable trip! ;o)

  6. You've obviously made some splendid memories, even if the photos didn't always co-operate. I'm not sure about silkworms, but I do like trying new food. :)

    1. Cooked or uncooked they did not look very appetizing!


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