Thursday, March 26, 2015

A New Toy for The Broad

As part of my regimen for staving off the fall into dementia, I quite regularly challenge my ability to cope with new techie challenges. In fact I find it quite a challenge just keeping up-to-date with all the new gadgets and challenges on offer!

So with a few excuses to myself I have recently acquired a new toy. To be precise a 'Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod'.

"What's that?" asked all three of my boys, to my bemusement. When I told them, each one of them in turn laughed out loud  at me and shook his head. On thinking about it for a few minutes, the eldest of my children -- who is in his 40's decided that perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea after all. But his children, the eldest of whom is Sam age 14, laughed...

The monopod was just challenging enough for me to deal with and feel a sense of achievement at mastering its technology. I learned how to assemble it and how to turn it on and re-remembered how bluetooth works. After initially failing to successfully operate it when I pushed the handy button, I discovered once again how important it is to read the directions. Actually, to be fair to myself, I had a bit of bother finding the directions -- but that was just a momentary lapse on the learning curve! I wish I had had it in Korea. However, it will be very useful on my upcoming trip to the States when all the family will be together. Though I can understand why it is banned in several high profile places!

Yes, fellow bloggers, I am now the proud, if laughed at, owner of what is generally known as a 'selfie stick'! Click!

Monday, March 16, 2015

From Not Writing, to travelling, to Mary

The great urge to write, to communicate never really left me as much as I left it! At least I think that is what happened. Maybe it is all part of coming to terms with grief. Partly that, I expect. I am uncomfortable writing about how things make me feel when the feelings are deeply felt. Overall, life really does go on and I don't want to dwell on matters of 'what might have been' or 'if only' -- so I don't.

I am so glad that winter is finally coming to an end. I have been busy making arrangements for The Man and me to go to the States in April. We leave the  Wednesday after Easter and return to the UK three weeks later. The joint memorial service for my brother and my mother will be on the 18th. Throughout the 3 weeks of our stay we will be seeing close family and friends and travelling from Boston to Vermont, to Connecticut, then to Washington, DC before returning north to Cape Cod and then again to Boston to fly back. The Man will do most of the driving!

The trip to DC will be a nostalgic visit. It is where I went to University, where I lived for 17 years and where I met The Man. I haven't been back there since the 1980s. I have not blogged much, if at all, about my life in the Nation's Capital. It was there I did most of my growing up, had my hippy days, made foolish mistakes, had wonderful times and met wonderful people.

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday/Mother's Day here in the UK. I learned something in church that in light of current affairs and our concerns with things ethnic, in particular, I found very interesting. The service yesterday included children in the Parish and the scouts. The vicar asked them how many times they thought Mary, the mother of Jesus, had been  mentioned in the New Testament. The children guessed figures from 'zero' to a thousand, but the one who came closest said '14'. My guess would have been '10'. The correct answer is '12'. Then the Vicar asked how many times Mary had been mentioned in the Koran. Nobody got that right! The answer is '36'! Not only is she mentioned three times as often in the Koran as in the New Testament, there is even a chapter in the Koran (Chapter 19) called 'Mary'. Food for thought...