Thursday, April 30, 2015

everything went well until the text on the way to the airport

Despite the sadness that caused our visit to the US we have had a very happy trip. I will write more about that another day.

It has been a lovely New England Spring day in Boston. We left my niece and her family at 4.00 to be sure of ample time for returning the car and getting booked in. En route to the airport I received a text that our flight to Paris would be delayed from  20.45 to 00.35! If there is one thing to drive The Man around the bend it is to have to wait for just about anything for even 5 minutes. Instead of arriving at Manchester Airport at 13.30 we
Will now arrive at 21.30!!!

The staff claim the delay is caused by technical problems in Paris. However, i don't believe them. I believe the flight was cancelled because they didn't have enough passengers  to come close to filling the huge Airbus 380 originally scheduled  to fly. Saying it is technical means they don't have to fork out compensation.

Ho-hum! And Logan Airport  only offers 45 minutes of complementary wifi so I better publish while I still  can!