Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let the Projects Begin

Two weeks ago today, after what seemed like an interminable drive, we arrived back to our UK home. I have almost, but not quite finished unpacking. This is easily done when the final bit is in the guest room and easily ignored -- but I will get on with it and finish the job before the week is done -- at least that's my plan!!

I have, however, begun my first project -- a new kitchen. And I am a bit  nervous about it . So many decisions and so many limitations, too. My son does a great deal of work with the family firm that is going to do it. The fact that he has had such good experience with them is instrumental in getting on with the project in the first place. I would have no idea how to choose.

So in they came with their tape measures and listened to what we knew we wanted and what we didn't want and discussed various possibilities. I liked hearing that the cost was going to be a lot less that what I probably thought it would be. Let's hope that is true, but then I have no idea how much these endeavours cost! Anyway, a few days later my son delivered the initial plan and we were able to put some ideas together.

The room is not what you would call small. But it does have limitations -- one being a wonderful tiled Victorian fireplace that gives a special charm to the room, but takes up valuable space. And the second being  the door into the room takes away the one remaining corner, which limits where the main section of the kitchen fittings can be located. We are, however, opting for built in features, which will help give the room a less cluttered and more spacious look. For the design of the cabinets, we really like the 'Shaker' look, which also will not clash with the Victorian house, nor overwhelm the room.

One thing about limitations though is that they limit indecision -- needs must, etc. My son and I discussed our options and quickly agreed the necessary changes and went to see the designer. She and her husband, who also own the business, are now away on holiday for two weeks. But she was very helpful and likeable and we are looking forward to seeing what she comes up with upon her return. 

And where is The Man in all this? He has been banned from the planning. Actually, he banned himself! When the time comes he and I will be off to Portugal for three weeks and my youngest son will be in charge of seeing the work done! At least that is the plan at the moment ...

Thursday, October 01, 2015

All Is Revealed

Molly came the closest. While coffee or tea can be served, the table is actually made to hold a wine bottle as well as stemware... very handy for the back gardens of Britain and France!