Friday, April 29, 2016

A Polite Letter of Request

Dear Winter,
Let’s get straight to the point. When are you leaving? You said you’d only stay from November until March and then you’d move on to the Southern Hemisphere. It’s now almost May and you’re still here. Don’t get me wrong it’s been fun! December or January would not be the same without you. However, everyone's a bit tired of your snow and cold temperatures, and if you don’t leave then Spring can’t move in and Spring is a bit concerned that they won’t have a place to stay before Summer arrives – if Summer arrives. So if you don’t terribly mind leaving… that would be good. You are of course welcome back in November but this time maybe don’t bring so much rain.
Yours sincerely,
The UK

By Catrin Hughes
Youngest son's partner


  1. That's funny, I love the Winter, but it should only be 6 weeks!

  2. D'you think it's worth getting up a petition?

  3. That's funny! Well said!

  4. I agree; winter has overstayed its welcome. Time to say good-bye.

  5. Dear Broad!
    I do hope winter is clever enough to take the hint! It must be better to address him( must be) in a polite way. Well said, I agree!!

  6. I tell people around me every year that April is often colder than January. Do they listen, do they remember my advice. No they do not.

  7. It's last. Jx I hope it sticks around for longer than a day or two.

  8. Well you certainly succeded!!
    We've had 22 degrees celcius for two days now, I had to put my new springjacket away, it's too thick!!! Summer is here to stay.


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