Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's Almost Over

I have found it very difficult to post lately because I find the 'goings on' in the world unpleasant to tolerate! At the moment life is dominated by the referendum and while I have definite opinions about whether Britain would be better in or out, I feel it may not be my place to say -- I am not a citizen and therefore, can not vote.

I have given up watching debates and politicians. I do have a question though that I didn't hear asked. Apparently, if Britain votes to leave the EU there is a two-year period in which to decide the terms 'of the divorce'! If, however, we need longer than two years, the 27 member states can vote to give an extension to the negotiations. It has been suggested by a European official that it could actually take seven years. All 27 countries would have to agree to this extension.

Which for me begs the question... If an extension is not granted what does that mean? End of negotiation, divorce final?

The campaign has been quite brutal. I think it brought out the worst in a lot of people -- most especially some of the politicians. Whatever the outcome, I hope some wisdom prevails. The BBC thought their debate was wonderful. I didn't watch, but the clips I saw later did not look wonderful to me.

The most sensible people were those interviewed who were not there ...

So far I haven't heard anything about Trump's impending arrival -- I rather watch coverage of the referendum, thank you very much!

Anyway, God bless you, UK and the force be with you!