Friday, December 16, 2016

The Water Meter Reader Cometh

So last week the doorbell rang and the man came to read the water meter -- which is downstairs in the cellar garage. So with a little groan I told him I had to go down there and open the door for him to gain access to the meter. The Man wasn't there, you see, to take care of this.

I hate going down there. The first step is deeper than the rest and there is only the wall to balance against. The handrail doesn't appear until the third or fourth step. Anyway, I made it down to the bottom unscathed and went into the garage and unbolted the glass doors for him. He went to follow me to show him where the meter was and as I turned ...

I promptly and completely tripped over the handle of the trailer which was parked in front of the doors. Shock and Pain! And suddenly out of nowhere The Man appeared, shouting at me. "What are you doing down here. You shouldn't come down here," etc. etc. Well, fuck, me!

My right hand was killing me -- really hurting -- as was my right 'boob'. I didn't feel the other aches and pains until later. At anyrate, I also skinned my left knee, which meant I was rather loathe to put it down on the rough floor to push myself up. The two men, who were both looking rather helpless, I deigned to allow to help lift me up off said floor and I was then unceremoniously ordered outside to re-enter the house from the front door.

Now it is never convenient to have this happen. But 10 days or so before  Christmas is really inconvenient -- especially to have a gammy right hand. No, I did not seek medical attention -- I was pretty sure nothing was broken and the following morning the main had marginally decreased. The first night was difficult because my hand really ached. Two days later my right breast was totally purple. Now it's almost totally clear. There are still a few aches and pains -- knee mostly -- but the Christmas show is back on the road.

I am now under orders not to descend into the cellar. And The Man just delivered the Christmas tree stand into the utility room -- with orders that I am not to trip over it!