Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Doom and Gloom

The Man has pronounced many times that the Internet is going to self-destruct and it will be the end of civilization as we know it! The rest of the family, including me, poo-poo him and insist that this will never happen. Though I will admit to  wondering what would happen if, indeed, it did implode....

My first thoughts were about Internet banking, which I find very convenient and which I have convinced myself is perfectly safe. So nice to be able to 'ping' funds abroad and not have to trudge the few blocks down to the bank to make arrangements and then pay a fee. But, oops, if the Internet blew would my money (such as it is) be safe? Would the information I have 'on the cloud' still be there? Would data survive??? Would all our blogging efforts just disappear in a nano second?

Would governments and businesses be able to cope if Internet services were somehow destroyed.

On a positive note -- there would be no more addicts punching madly on their phones and tablets. They might learn how to converse again. They might even talk to us old guys.

I am going to suggest to The Man that he concentrate more on finding us a suitable replacement for the 25-year-old Volvo Estate. He's doing searches on the Internet so he'd better hurry before his doomsday scenario  makes it impossible.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Old Fashion-able

It's been a while since my last post because all I could think to write about were certain political creatures occupying the White House, their shenanigans and my antipathy toward them. So in order to limit myself to only occasional diatribes in that direction, I have stayed silent.Well done, me...

Then yesterday I managed to come up with a totally different topic and here I am again! Hurray!

It's about fashion. Now just because I am an old broad and self-opinionated as well, doesn't mean I don't have valid observations about today's trends. I shall elaborate with a few examples...

This season there is a madness for ridiculous sleeves. Most of them are fitted elbow to shoulder and gathered in skirt-like fashion to the wrist, if not slightly below. The bigger the sleeve, the more expensive the outfit. I lost count of the number of sweaters/jumpers/cardigans, blouses or frocks that I rather liked the look of until I caught sight of the 'thing' hanging from the elbow and ready to dive into the soup, or graze the bolognese, capture some bearnaise and otherwise participate in culinary delights.

Apparently, a 'must have' article of clothing this season is the lopsided skirt! "Why?", I ask -- stupidly, no doubt. Obviously, it is a must of being fashionable, that one can wear anything and not feel ridiculous or distracted or uncomfortable. I cannot imagine feeling anything but disconcerted by feeling the hem stroking my leg on one side of my body and the thigh on the other. So much for me and confidence. It is obvious that this sort of skirt is not meant to be worn if one is sitting down.

Hey, is it possible that spike heels are going the way of the waste bin, out of harms way,  where they belong? I have seen this season, shoes with square heels that are very smart and probably comfortable! Clarks has a pair in powder blue with a strap and little blue flowers decorating the heel. I love them -- perfect for this dowdy old American bag wearing jeans and having a fair share  of attitude.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Flummoxed again!

So then... The day following my last post I turned the radio on only to discover the bluetooth reception was terrible. I thought it was the terrible weather  we had been having, but nothe , it is still terrible.

I went back to the Internet and looked up my system and found the instructions that had been missing in the box. Now why didn't I do that in the first place? I discovered  first of all that I had not pulled the antenna out far enough so that I could swivel it around for good DAB reception!

So now even though the bluetooth is now a flop, I am back to my original plan to have a digital radio in  working order...

Oh, hell, I guess I will just have to put up with being just another pretty face...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Still not Just a Pretty Face

For Christmas my son and his girl gave me a new music system. Nothing particularly fancy, but it has a DAB radio, an FM radio, a CD player and Bluetooth. Bluetooth was not one of my requirements, just a surprising extra. Since I rarely have had need of it, Bluetooth, is a feature I don't often consider, even though my phone and new little computer have it. The only time I have had need of it was when I briefly was besotted with the idea of a selfie stick.

I have had a DAB radio for a few years -- in the kitchen. However, when the kitchen was recently dismantled that radio got moved into my study. I had an old hi-fi system with multiple cd holders, which was not playing CD's very well and the radio had terrible FM reception. Thus my request for a new system.

So a day or two after Christmas I opened up the box and took my new toy out. The DAB radio reception was terrible! I was so disappointed. But at least the CD player was just fine and dandy... FM radio was non-existent -- no reception at all. I have since learned from the Internet that DAB reception can be very problematic indeed.

So, as is  my wont, I complained and explained to my middle son. And he said why don't you connect with bluetooth? He then proceeded to connect his phone's bluetooth, via a special app, to my new hi-fi and 'bingo' perfect reception. A few days later middle son left to return to Italy and I still hadn't figured out how exactly he had done it. And thinking about it it was not exactly convenient to tie up my phone with the hi fi in my study.

However sitting on my desk right next to my  new present, is my little travel computer which also has BT! After some investigation -- looking for the app I would need and how to connect it to the radio, I discovered that aq feature of Windows 10 is the ability to connect easily to BT devices!  All I had to do was put the radio into "BT Mode", turn the BT on on the computer, find the radio station and the computer speakers would automatically find the BT speakers on the hi-fi!

I did have to fiddle-fi-diddle a tiny little bit, but I did it -- by myself! And now here I am listening to my favourite station and feeling quite smug.... Several hours after writing this post, I realized that I had not published it when closing down -- as I had meant to do... Maybe I am just another pretty face ;-)

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


For the first time in my life, Christmas was an unmitigated disaster. Believe me, it was all going so well until we all were to sit down for Christmas dinner. Noses got out of joint, tempers flared and people walked out as the main course was about to be served!

I am still reeling from the aftermath, although, fortunately, I am not being held to blame by anyone. But oh my there is a lot of forgiving that needs to be done and it is up to others to make amends. An important relationship may be broken beyond repair -- time will tell.

Well, now it's a new year and it promises to be challenging on all fronts! Let the fun begin...