Thursday, January 12, 2017

Still not Just a Pretty Face

For Christmas my son and his girl gave me a new music system. Nothing particularly fancy, but it has a DAB radio, an FM radio, a CD player and Bluetooth. Bluetooth was not one of my requirements, just a surprising extra. Since I rarely have had need of it, Bluetooth, is a feature I don't often consider, even though my phone and new little computer have it. The only time I have had need of it was when I briefly was besotted with the idea of a selfie stick.

I have had a DAB radio for a few years -- in the kitchen. However, when the kitchen was recently dismantled that radio got moved into my study. I had an old hi-fi system with multiple cd holders, which was not playing CD's very well and the radio had terrible FM reception. Thus my request for a new system.

So a day or two after Christmas I opened up the box and took my new toy out. The DAB radio reception was terrible! I was so disappointed. But at least the CD player was just fine and dandy... FM radio was non-existent -- no reception at all. I have since learned from the Internet that DAB reception can be very problematic indeed.

So, as is  my wont, I complained and explained to my middle son. And he said why don't you connect with bluetooth? He then proceeded to connect his phone's bluetooth, via a special app, to my new hi-fi and 'bingo' perfect reception. A few days later middle son left to return to Italy and I still hadn't figured out how exactly he had done it. And thinking about it it was not exactly convenient to tie up my phone with the hi fi in my study.

However sitting on my desk right next to my  new present, is my little travel computer which also has BT! After some investigation -- looking for the app I would need and how to connect it to the radio, I discovered that aq feature of Windows 10 is the ability to connect easily to BT devices!  All I had to do was put the radio into "BT Mode", turn the BT on on the computer, find the radio station and the computer speakers would automatically find the BT speakers on the hi-fi!

I did have to fiddle-fi-diddle a tiny little bit, but I did it -- by myself! And now here I am listening to my favourite station and feeling quite smug.... Several hours after writing this post, I realized that I had not published it when closing down -- as I had meant to do... Maybe I am just another pretty face ;-)


  1. All this technology can be baffling. I saw a sign from a parent to a child that said: Don't mock me because I need help with electronics; don't forget I had to teach YOU how to hold a spoon.

  2. I'm baffled. But it all sounds wonderful!

  3. I had to Google DAB radio, not sure we have it in the states.

    Congrats on figuring out technology all by your big girl self! I am impressed indeed.

  4. Good for you! I may have to re-investigate Blue Tooth.

  5. Blue Tooth speakers are great. I have a little set which I listen to anything on the computer or phone through, in the kitchen or wherever I like within reaon. I used to dream about a facility like that before they were invented.

  6. Congratulations on figuring it all out yourself. I have recently learned about the benefits of BT myself and like it very much. It's improved in recently years. :-0


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