Monday, February 27, 2017

Old Fashion-able

It's been a while since my last post because all I could think to write about were certain political creatures occupying the White House, their shenanigans and my antipathy toward them. So in order to limit myself to only occasional diatribes in that direction, I have stayed silent.Well done, me...

Then yesterday I managed to come up with a totally different topic and here I am again! Hurray!

It's about fashion. Now just because I am an old broad and self-opinionated as well, doesn't mean I don't have valid observations about today's trends. I shall elaborate with a few examples...

This season there is a madness for ridiculous sleeves. Most of them are fitted elbow to shoulder and gathered in skirt-like fashion to the wrist, if not slightly below. The bigger the sleeve, the more expensive the outfit. I lost count of the number of sweaters/jumpers/cardigans, blouses or frocks that I rather liked the look of until I caught sight of the 'thing' hanging from the elbow and ready to dive into the soup, or graze the bolognese, capture some bearnaise and otherwise participate in culinary delights.

Apparently, a 'must have' article of clothing this season is the lopsided skirt! "Why?", I ask -- stupidly, no doubt. Obviously, it is a must of being fashionable, that one can wear anything and not feel ridiculous or distracted or uncomfortable. I cannot imagine feeling anything but disconcerted by feeling the hem stroking my leg on one side of my body and the thigh on the other. So much for me and confidence. It is obvious that this sort of skirt is not meant to be worn if one is sitting down.

Hey, is it possible that spike heels are going the way of the waste bin, out of harms way,  where they belong? I have seen this season, shoes with square heels that are very smart and probably comfortable! Clarks has a pair in powder blue with a strap and little blue flowers decorating the heel. I love them -- perfect for this dowdy old American bag wearing jeans and having a fair share  of attitude.