Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Doom and Gloom

The Man has pronounced many times that the Internet is going to self-destruct and it will be the end of civilization as we know it! The rest of the family, including me, poo-poo him and insist that this will never happen. Though I will admit to  wondering what would happen if, indeed, it did implode....

My first thoughts were about Internet banking, which I find very convenient and which I have convinced myself is perfectly safe. So nice to be able to 'ping' funds abroad and not have to trudge the few blocks down to the bank to make arrangements and then pay a fee. But, oops, if the Internet blew would my money (such as it is) be safe? Would the information I have 'on the cloud' still be there? Would data survive??? Would all our blogging efforts just disappear in a nano second?

Would governments and businesses be able to cope if Internet services were somehow destroyed.

On a positive note -- there would be no more addicts punching madly on their phones and tablets. They might learn how to converse again. They might even talk to us old guys.

I am going to suggest to The Man that he concentrate more on finding us a suitable replacement for the 25-year-old Volvo Estate. He's doing searches on the Internet so he'd better hurry before his doomsday scenario  makes it impossible.