Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Waiting for the BOOM

It is 27 degrees centigrade which is just slightly over 80 F and I am sitting in the garden of our French house in order to capture the Internet signal from my mobile Internet unit. There is a violent thunderstorm  with 80 mph winds predicted for 20 minutes from now! At the moment there is not a breeze in the air, but in the distance I can see dark clouds are probably approaching. In the distance it is possible I may have just heard the ever so slight sound of thunder rumbling... Oops I had better get that sun-lounger cushion into the garage.

We have been here since June 11th and are now just about straight. The grass has been cut and the flowers planted into hanging baskets, all hung and growing prettily. The Man did all of that. It's a perfect place for Man-type puttering and I confess to leaving him to it! I prefer to be left to my books and to keeping myself connected to the Internet, if somewhat sporadically.  And I also am in charge of the food and cooking it, unless there is a barbecue and then The Man does his 'thing'. It takes him a while, but eventually he learns to get the chicken cooked through without burning it to inedibleness... I am looking forward to that eventuality!

That was a definite sound of thunder in the not so faraway distance. Better get a move on... Over and out for now!!